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Four main functions of xenon lamp aging tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:97

Xenon lamp aging tester, also known as xenon arc lamp aging tester and xenon lamp aging test chamber, can simulate sunlight, humidity high and low, the high and low temperature, rain and other equipment may damage the surface of outdoor products. This is our company qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. The key functions of the test equipment independently developed and produced by the company mainly include the following four points:

1. High and low temperature part

The high temperature of the tester of Xenon lamp aging is controlled by the heating wire; Compressor unit control. Therefore, when using the equipment, the low temperature and high temperature should be set according to the temperature range indicated in the manual of the te box.st. The low temperature of the conventional standard xenon lamp aging tester is the ambient temperature of the equipment, while the high temperature is 75°C. Therefore, when setting the temperature of the test chamber, please do not exceed the set range. When the set low temperature is low, the water in the boom will freeze and cannot be sprayed. If the set high temperature exceeds 75°C, it will damage the irradiation probe, as the maximum operating temperature of most irradiation probes is 75°C.

2. Radiation probe

Most xenon lamp radiation probes are air-cooled. water, so when using the xenon lamp to age When testing the machine, it is necessary to regularly check the booster pump which cools the radiation probe by water circulation. When the booster pump failse out of order, the test chamber cannot be used. Since the diameter of the water circulation pipe of the irradiation probe is 6mm, distilled water should be used in the water tank to supply water to the booster pump, and the water that passed through the product after spraying in the tank is not allowed to flow directly into the water tank, which will lead to impurities to block the flow of water in the pipe, resulting in exposure to radiation. Probe cooling damaged. The water sprayed in the test chamber can flow into the water tank after passing through the water quality filter, or a water quality filter can be added to the inlet of the booster pump.

3. High and low humidity

Humidity is the humidity generated by the water vapor generated by the heating water of the electric heating tube, so that the water quality requirement mustbe distilled water. Direct use of tap water with high humidity will cause scale from tap water to adhere to the surface of the electric heating tube. If things continue like this, due to reduced dissipation and heat transfer, it will burst.

4. Spraying

The water used for spraying should also be distilled water, because municipal tap water will be polluted many times during transportation, so if you spray directly with tap water, the impurities in tap water will cause clogged nozzles and uneven spray. The most important is that tap water contains pollutants (acids, alkalis, metal minerals, etc.), which will corrode the surface of the tested product and affect the test data of the tested product.

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