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Folding tester of the MIT type

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:25

Product Introduction

Folding is one of the fundamental mechanical properties of paper, which is defined as the Under the specified conditions, the number of double folds the sample can withstand before breaking indicates that the paper can withstand repeated folding. This power is necessary for paper bag paper and currency paper, and is also suitable for printing paper, drawing paper, packaging Folding test paper, etc. This instrument is an instrument used to measure the folding endurance of paper.

Test principle:

MIT type folding tester specializes in testing the folding strength of paper and cardboard, is the most typical type of paper fatigue test. The test method is to fix the two ends of the test piece on the upper and lower fixtures of the instrument, and the requirementapply too much load to make the test piece bear a certain stress. fixture is in the vertical state of the test piece Bend the sample down, left and right, with a bending angle of 135 degrees, back and forth until the test piece is broken, and count automatically.

Design standard:

TAPPI-T423PM, ASTM-D2176, JIS-P8115, GB/T2679-5

GB/ T 450 Paper and Cardboard Sample Collection

GB/T 10739 Standards for Handling and Testing Samples of Pulp, Paper and Cardboard.

Technical specification:

Instrument model: FLR-011 MIT type folding tester

Sample thickness : ≤1mm

Sample size: 15×150mm

Bending angle: 135±2°

Bending speed: 175±10 r /min

R-angle bending armature: 0.38mm

Loading weight: 500g 1000g 1500g

Counter: LCD liquid crystal display 0~999,999

Volume (approx.) : 50cm × 30cm × 51cm

Weight (approximately): 37 kg

Feedinput instrument: 1∮ AC 220V (depending on country or designation).