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FLR-011A Electronic MIT folding tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:23

Product introduction

Electronic MIT folding tester is a special It is a special instrument for measuring the resistance to folding fatigue of paper, cardboard and other sheet materials (copper foil in the electronic industry, etc.) with a thickness of less than 1 mm. It is an ideal testing device for industries and departments such as papermaking, packaging, scientific research, and product quality supervision and inspection.

Instrument features:

Microcomputer control, menu interface, PVC control panel, large LCD display, convenient for users to operate and view data

Photo- electric control technology can make the collapsible chuck automatically return after each test to improve the test efficiency

Automatic measurement and statistical test results during the test process, and have the function of data storageag

Equipped with a variety of folding heads and weights, convenient for users\' different testing requirements

Equipped with a micro printer, convenient for testing data printing

Based on standards:

ISO 5626: Determination of resistance to folding of paper

GB/T 2679.5: Determination of folding resistance of paper and board (MIT folding duration tester method)

QB/T 1049: Paper and cardboard folding endurance tester.

Technical parameters:

Specification model: FLR-011AElectronic MIT folding tester

Measurement range: 0 ~ 99999 times.

The folding angle is 135 ± 2°, the folding speed is 175 ± 10 times/min

The width of the folding head is 19 ± 1 mm, and the folding radius is 0.38 ± 0 .02 mm

The spring tension is 4.91~14.72 N. For every 9.81 N of tension added, the spring compresses a minimum of 17 mm.

The distance between the folding slits is 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00 mm.

The voltage changering caused by the eccentric rotation of the flip-up chuck is not more than 0.343N

Power supply: AC220±10%, 50Hz, 2A

Environmental conditions: temperature 20~40℃, relative humidity <85%

Dimensions: 310 X 360 X 420 mm

Weight: 25 kg .

Test principle

Paper or cardboard can measure the number times back and forth carry 135° double folds under a certain tension, expressed as the number of double folds of back and forth folding or the logarithmic value of the number of double folds with base 10, and record the number of times used in breaking.