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FLR-016A Automatic smoothness tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:118

Product Introduction

FLR-016A Automatic Smoothness Tester It is a special instrument to measure the smoothness of paper. It is designed according to the working principle of the internationally accepted Bekk smoothing instrument.

The mechanical design of the instrument cancels the traditional manual pressure structure with lever weights, innovatively uses the cam plus spring, and uses the synchronous motor to automatically rotate and load the standard pressure. Significantly reduce the size and weight of the instrument. The instrument uses a 7.0-inch large-screen color LCD display with Chinese and English menus. The interface is beautiful and friendly, easy to operate and one-key operation during testing. The instrument has added an \"automatic block\" test, which can save a lot of time when testing vand high smoothness. The instrument also has the functions of testing and calculating the two-sided difference. The instrument uses a series of advanced components, such as high-precision sensors and imported oil-free vacuum pumps. The instrument has the functions of testing, converting, adjusting, displaying, memorizing and printing all parameters included in the standard. The instrument has powerful data processing capabilities and can directly obtain the statistical results of various data. This data is stored in the main chip and can be viewed through touch screen operation. The instrument has the advantages of advanced technology, complete functions, reliable performance and convenient operation. It is an ideal testing equipment for industries and departments such as papermaking, packaging, scientific research and product quality supervision and inspection.

Executive Standard

ISO5627 \"Paper and board --- Determination of smoothness (Buick method)\"

GB/T456 \" Determination of smoothness of paper and board (Buick method) method)\"

Main technical parameters

Parameter items

Technical indicators<!-- p Power supply


Measuring range

(1~9999)s, divided into (1~15)s, (15~300)s, (300~9999) s

and automatic transmission (not more than 200s)

Timing accuracy

The timing is 1000s, the error is not more than ±1s

Contact pressure (kPa)


Vacuum container system volume (ml)

Large vacuum container

380 ±1

Small vacuum container


Vacuum degree setting range (kPa)

Ⅰ file

50 .66~48.00

Ⅱ file


Ⅲ file




Leaked air volume (ml)

(50.66kPa to 48.00kPa)

Large vacuum container


Small vacuum container


Instrument size (Length*Width*Height) mm


Net weight

30 kg

Key performance features<!-- p 1. It uses a cam plus spring structure design. During the measurement, the single-chip microcomputer automatically controls the synchronous motor rotation, loading pressure and paper jam

2. It adopts 7.0-inch large-screen LCD color touch screen with Chinese and English menus, real-time display of various data.

3. Two-sided Difference Test: By selecting the two-sided difference test mode, you can test and calculate the two-sided difference of the same batch of samples.

4. Fast measurement: \"Automatic acceleration\" or small volume cavity measurement can be selected. Under the \"automatic acceleration\" test, the measurement time will not exceed 200 seconds, and the measurement time of the small volume is only ten times that of the large volume. One-fifth, to make a fastll measurement.

5. High degree of automation: The instrument design uses advanced devices at home and abroad, and the single-chip microcomputer performs information perception, data processing, action control and data storage.

6. Data communication: By purchasing the company\'s matching computer software, the instrument can be connected to the computer through a USB cable for communication.

7. Oil-free vacuum pump: Imported vacuum pump can work without refueling

8. Good sealing: foreign vacuum sealant and advanced sealing technology are used to ensure the airtightness of the instrument Meet the requirements of national standards;