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Five Main Service Points Of The American ROSS Control Valve 1613B2020Z

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:107

Type 1613B2020Z American ROSS control valve for near zero leakage and high dirt resistance, self-cleaning, wear compensation, repeatability over the life of the valve, 3-way 2-position normally closed or normally open, and 4-way 2-position valve , in-line or manifold mounted. Next, Ding Gong of Dongguan Guanglian Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Introduce you in detail the five maintenance points of the 1613B2020Z American ROSS control valve.

The five maintenance points of the 1613B2020Z American ROSS control valve are as follows:

1. The inner wall of the valve

For high pressure use In control valves with lean and corrosive media, the inner wall of the valve and diaphragm of the diaphragm valve are often attacked and corroded by the media, so the pressure resistance and corrosion resistance must be be explicitly checked.

2. Valve seat

When the control valve is operating, the inner surface of the screw threadThe seam used to tighten the valve seat, due to the infiltration of medium, is easily corroded and the valve seat can become loose, so care should be taken during inspection. For valves operating under high differential pressure, check whether the sealing surface of the valve seat is damaged.

3. The coil

The coil is a movable part during adjustment work, which is most eroded and corroded by the medium. During maintenance, carefully check whether the parts of the coil are corroded, Wear, especially in the case of high pressure differential, the wear of the coil is more serious (due to cavitation), so care should be taken. If the valve core is seriously damaged, it should be replaced. In addition, it should be noted whether the valve stem shows similar symptoms, whether the connection to the valve core is loose.

4. Diaphragm

\"O\" rings and other gaskets. Check the membraneand the \"O\"-shaped gasket in the control valve are aged or cracked.

5. Seal gasket

Note whether the PTFE gasket and seal grease are aging and whether the contact surface is damaged and needs to be replaced if necessary.

1613B2020Z American ROSS control valve parameters:

Description 16 series, 3/2 way, single Solenoid Valve , normally closed, port (input) 1/8\" NPT, port (output) 1/8\" NPT, 110/120 VAC

Valve type directional control

Series 16

Application General

Actuator Electric

Function 3/2 Single Solenoid

Default Position Normally Closed

Return to Spring

Thread type NPT

Inlet pipe size 1/8\"

Outlet pipe size 1/8\"

Outlet pipe size 1 /8\"

Build poppet valve

Install queue

Contact wired

Manual override not locked

average resume 0.3

tariff level continuous work

ambient temperature 40 to4 tot50°C

Ambient temperature (°C) 4 to 50

Media temperature 4 to 80°C (40 to 175°F)

Media temperature (Celsius) 4 to 80

Liquid media filtered air

Operating Pressure 5 to 150 psig (0.3 to 10 bar)

Operating Pressure (bar) 0.3 to 10

Length 2.58 inches (66 mm)

Length (mm) 66

Width 2.88 inches (73 mm)

Width (mm) 73

Height 95 mm (3.73 in)

Height (mm) 95

Weight 0.6 kg (1, 4 lbs)

Weight (kg) 0.6

Case material Die-cast aluminum

Dish/coil material Acetal

Sealing material Nitrile rubber

Voltage 110/120 VAC

Power consumption 87 VA inrush current, 30 VA maintained at 50 or 60 Hz

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