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Fiber Fluff Abrasion Tester/Toyota Leather Perforation Tester/Fiber Fluff Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:110

Main Application:
Fiber Lint Abrasion Tester/Toyota Leather Puncture Tester/Fibre Lint Tester is a single-station wear resistance tester for testing samples Wear haziness, used to evaluate the wear resistance of individual samples.

Test principle:
According to the specified method and experimental parameters, use a nylon brush or a single abrasive to make the fabric rub and pill. Then, under the specified lighting conditions, compare the sample after pilling to evaluate the pilling level.

Test Standard:
Toyota Standard TIS 01208-00F21
Instrument Features:
1. High-definition LCD blue screen display control;
2. Equipped with acrylic transparent organic protective cover to ensure safety;
3. The cycle rate is 70CPM (adjustable), with a 20mm wide working amplitude.

After salesservice:
1. We have after-sale service team. The company has been in the testing industry for more than ten years and has rich practical experience;
2. Be able to solve various problems in a timely and timely manner and relieve customers from concerns;
3. Spare parts are available to solve the problem of long delivery time for spare parts ordering ;
4. Outsource maintenance services;
5. We keep up with the update of industry standards, provide test tools that meet the updated standards in a timely manner, and provide personalized testing and consulting services ;
6. Long-term supply of various testing instruments.