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Experimental Principle and Method of Martindale Abrasion Tester

Author: Released in:2023-03-17 Click:14

The Martindale Abrasion Tester can test the abrasion resistance and pilling performance of fabrics with different textures. The sample is subjected to continuous low-pressure reverse rubbing with a certain friction material, and the degree of wear and pilling can be compared with the standard parameters for evaluation. The instrument uses a movable sample attachment component, which can remove a certain friction sample at any time without affecting other samples. It not only realizes the fast and independent detection of the sample, but also ensures the accuracy of the simultaneous measurement of friction. It is a fixing method approved by BSEN ISO12947-1:1999. This instrument is equipped with an electronic preset batch timer and totalizer, sample holder and loader (in accordance with international testing standards)

1. Martindale Basic Principle abrasion testing
The Martindale Abrasion Tester is a test device manufactured according to the design principle of J.G. Martindale and in accordance with the specifications of the Wool Industry Research Association. It uses standard wool felt as the friction object to rub the tested items such as cloth, etc. Of course, according to different test methods and different requirements, the friction object can be changed from standard wool felt to other materials such as sandpaper to test the wear resistance of leather, gender or degree of depigmentation. The object under test is clamped on a cylinder, and a standard weight (determined according to the test method is pressed on the friction object, driven by the vertical and horizontal eccentric wheels to produce a Lissajous curve, the purpose is to achieve a multi- directional friction test For general footwear materials, the wear friction effect test is usually performed by both dry and wet withat the same time, to prevent the impact of rain on the upper material of the shoe or the influence of sweat on the inner lining of the shoe.

2. Test Method
The Martindale Abrasion Tester can test a minimum of four samples at a time and can test up to nine samples at a time Each test position contains a convex There is a round base, which has a flat ring, which can clamp friction objects, etc. The test object is clamped onto the cylinder and a load (weight ) is added. If no weight is added, it is the weight of the plate. The pressure generated on the friction object is approximately 0.1342 kg/cm2 or 13.16 kPa. Different test methods may choose different weights (weights) of the test object confirmation. the test bed is driven by a flat plate to produce a Lissajous The direction of motion of the image, but the axis of each test bed is on the flat plate For free rotation, wedt clamps a graphic proof of the measured object to the fixture, and a certain weight is placed on it. After the clamp clamps the measured object and the lower stand. The friction material (cloth, sandpaper, etc. determined by different test standards) makes contact to produce a Lissajous figure. And produce a multi-directional every time a Lissajous figure is completed, the counter jumps 16 times and the time is about 20 ± 1 second.