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Electronic powder analyzer

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Electronic powder analyzer

Electronic powder analyzer

The electronic flour analyzer is a specialized instrument for detecting the quality of wheat flour. Mainly used for wheat breeding, business principles, procurement, storage, flour processing, food production and other processes to test and control the quality of wheat and wheat flour. Mainly measure the water absorption rate, formation time, stability time, and weakening degree of flour, and comprehensively evaluate the physical properties of wheat through the above indicators.

Quantitative wheat flour is mixed with an appropriate amount of water, and a coordinate graph of the stirring resistance with time is drawn by a computer system, which is the flour quality curve. The water absorption of wheat flour is calculated from the water addition amount and the flour quality curve that records the stirring performance, and the formation time, stability time, and weakening degree of dough during stirring are evaluated to evaluate the strength of flour gluten.

Application scope:

Evaluate the water absorption ability of flour.

Evaluate the strength of flour gluten (formation time, stability time, weakening degree, and powder quality index) by detecting the rheological properties of the dough.

Determine the quality of wheat and the appropriate use of its flour.

Monitoring and control of wheat and flour quality during the flour mill milling process.

Food factories control the quality of flour and determine reasonable production processes.

It is also suitable for rye flour or other special industries such as chocolate, chewing gum, etc.

Product features:

Accurate and fast testing: Using electronic detection technology to replace mechanical force measurement systems, the testing data is accurate and fast.

Reliable and stable: The test results have good repeatability and reproducibility.

High degree of automation: computer data processing, automatic evaluation of results, and the ability to repeatedly evaluate test results according to national and international standards.

Change the kneading bowl at will. 300g and 50g kneading bowls can be interchanged freely, and the program recognizes the bowl type and automatically calls the corresponding program, without the need for operators to choose.

Overload protection function. Alarm and stop when the stirring torque is too high to protect the safety of instruments and personnel.

Press the automatic water filling system with one finger, and the button controls the addition of water to the burette, instead of manually pressing the rubber ball, which is labor-saving and efficient.

Simultaneously display up to 12 powder images for easy comparison of subtle differences.

The analysis results are saved in Access database format for easy reference.

Multiple security measures. Double button start, cover opening and shutdown.

The intelligent program senses instrument actions and automatically starts drawing.

Kneading bowl:

There are two types of kneading bowls, 300g and 50g, available for users to choose from. They can be freely exchanged, and the experimental results are consistent. The unique technology of Hengtong Powder Quality Instrument - kneading bowls can be changed freely, and the program correctly recognizes the bowl model and calls the corresponding program, which is simple and efficient!

300g kneading bowl:

Used for standard powder experiments, in accordance with GB/T14614 and ISO5530-1

Making dough for dough stretching experiments

Detachable mixing blades for easy cleaning

50g kneading bowl:

Used for standard powder experiments, in accordance with GB/T14614 and ISO5530-1

Detachable mixing blades for easy cleaning

Product features:

Powder quality chart and parameters:

The following parameters can be obtained from the flour quality chart to evaluate the gluten strength of flour:

The amount of water added when the maximum consistency value of the dough reaches 500FU, in mL/100g

The time interval between the formation of the powder curve from the beginning of adding water to the maximum consistency, in minutes

The time interval between the intersection of the upper edge of the stable time powder curve and the 500FU marking line twice, in minutes

The height of attenuation of the middle value of the weakening degree powder curve from the peak to 12 minutes, in units of powder analyzer (FU)

The coordinate length of the time axis of the quality index powder curve from the beginning of adding water to the point where it reaches the maximum consistency and decays by 30FU, unit: mm

Technical parameters:

Motor power: 0.2Kw

Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz or AC380V, 50Hz

Sample size: 300g (300g model kneading bowl) or 50g (50g model kneading bowl)

Computer interface method: USB

Torque measurement method: electronic torque sensor

Accuracy: not greater than 0.5% of the range

Main and face blade speed: 63 ± 2r/m

Auxiliary and surface knife rotation: 94.5 ± 3r/m

Coordinate scale range: X-axis: 0-20min, Y-axis: 0-1000FU

Horizontal coordinate speed: 10mm/min

Unit torque: 300g kneading bowl: 9.8 mN · m/FU 50g kneading bowl: 1.96 mN · m/FU

Size and weight: L95 W53 H62cm, weighing 75kg (with 300g bowl)/70Kg (with 50g bowl)