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Electronic floor scale circuit fault

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:147

We all know that various accessories are connected with each other by various complicated lines, so if there is any problem with the wiring of this line, it will cause a certain accessory of the electronic floor scale to malfunction and thus a dysfunction. Generally, circuit faults of electronic floor scales can be mainly divided into the following two types.

1. The six-wire sensor signal line is not connected according to the wiring rules

2. The wiring is not done correctly and there is a loose phenomenon

As an electronic weighbridge When the above situation occurs in the wiring of the scale, the electronic floor scale will exhibit various abnormalities, among which the following five situations are more common:

(1) The electronic floor scale wiring is messed up After that, when the electronic floor scale sensor is automaticFixed, the indicator shows the letter \"nodc\", why does it appear? The appearance of this string of letters indicates that the electronic floor scale weighing instrument is connected to a non-digital sensor.

(2) When the electronic floor scale weighs, the total number of weighing instruments on the electronic floor scale will display \"Err 41, Err 42, Err 43, ..., Err 48, Err 49 , Err 4A \"Wait for these codes, this situation indicates that the wiring between the weighing instrument and the electronic sensor of the floor scale is not carried out correctly, which causes the failure of the normal communication between the instrument and the electronic ground scale sensor.

(3) When the routine settings and weighing of the electronic floor scale is normal, there will be \"Err 4*\" on the scale body or a certain weighing point, which indicates that * There is a fault in the connection between the electronic scale sensor at theground and the instrument, causing communication problems. If you continue to increase or decrease the weight of the object to be weighed on the scale body, the indicator will turn back to normal.

(4) \"Err 4*\" is displayed continuously, indicating that the meter is automatically scanning sensors, but the number of scanned sensors is less than the actual number.

(5) When the sensor is automatically adjusted, the number of scanned sensors exceeds the actual number.