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Problems and solutions in the use of high pressure reactors

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:173

Today, more and more high pressure reactors are flooding into the market. Under the principle of safety, if we encounter any problems during use, how should we solve them? Do not deal with it blindly, so as not to cause unnecessary losses. The following summarizes various problems and solutions encountered in the use of high pressure reactors for reference and study.

Common failure phenomena and causes of high pressure reactors

1. Phenomenon: Leakage at sealing surface

Reason: Bolt thread is loose; the sealing surface is damaged; the seal is deformed.

Remedy: Tighten the bolts; grind and polish the sealing surface; replace the gasket.

2. Phenomenon: A leak occurs at the valve.

Reason: The valve stem (needle) and valve port sealing surface are damaged.

Remedy: maintenance, remplacement of the valve stem (needle), valve orifice.

3. Phenomenon: the outer magnet rotates, the inner magnet does not rotate, and the mole current of the motor decreases.

Reason: The temperature in the kettle rises, the cooling water circulation is not smooth, and the internal magnetic steel is demagnetized due to the high temperature. Hydrogenation reaction, the inner magnetic steel has cracks, and the inner magnetic steel is damaged and expanded.

Remedy: Notify supplier to replace interior magnetic steel. Phenomenon: There is friction noise in the magnetic coupler

Reason: The shaft sleeve and the bearing are worn, the gap is too large, and the internal magnetic steel rotates and jumps.

Remedy: Contact supplier and replace bearing and shaft sleeve to original model size.

4. Phenomenon: The light is not on when the apthe same is under voltage

Reason: The light is broken or not tightened, the fuse is blown and the switch is in poor contact

Troubleshooting method: check the bulb, voltmeter reads about 6V, check for short circuit, swiphenomenon tch: speed control knob motor does not turn

Reason: thyristor is broken, motor is damaged , the circuit is bad, and the fuse is blown .

Remedy: Adjust thyristor, adjust motor and connect according to circuit diagram.