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Electronic crockmeter: assessing the quality and durability of fabrics

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:103

Table of contents

1. What is the Fabric Crock Meter Tester?
2. What is the working principle of the electronic crockmeter?
3. Conclusion

Cloths are a common material used to make clothing and other items. The quality and durability of the fabrics is crucial to ensure the garments are comfortable and durable. A crock meter is often used to test the quality and durability of fabrics.

What is the Fabric Crock? Meter Tester ?

The crockmeter crock fastness tester is an indispensable tool for the textile industry as it helps to determine the Suitability of a substance for use in a specific application. The crock meter is a device forMeasurement of the degree of color fastness of fabrics. It is used to determine the resistance of a fabric to rubbing and the amount of color transferred from the fabric to the surface it rubs. This device is used in the textile industry for quality control and compliance with product standards.

What is the working principle of the electronic crockmeter?

The crockmeter tester involves rubbing a fabric swatch against a white cotton cloth saturated with a chemical dye. The amount of dye transferred to the white cloth is measured with the Crockmeter. The fabric is then evaluated according to the amount of dye that is transferred. The higher the rating, the more colourfast the fabric. The color fastness test helps the manufacturer or designer to determine the degree of color fastness as well as any other properties that sich may affect the quality of the fabric.

Results from the rub tester can also be used to assess the longevity of the fabric. By measuring the amount of color transfer as well as abrasion resistance, manufacturers and designers can determine how long the fabric will last before it needs to be replaced. This ensures the fabric is of the highest quality and durable enough for many years to come.


The Rub Fastness Tester is a versatile tool used by textile manufacturers and designers to evaluate the color fastness of fabrics. By simulating the effects of daily wear and tear, the Crockmeter Tester can provide invalid information about the durability and quality of a fabric. This information will help ensure that the fabric will stand up to the rigorswithstands daily use and keeps its best appearance throughout the life of the product.