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Yesterday training for a customer of MAHA CHEMICALS (ASIA) PTE LTD from Singapore

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:125

Bally Resistance Bend Tester for Leather GT-KC10A:

This Bally Resistance Bend Tester will do it Determine a material\'s resistance to cracking or other types of bending creases. The method is applicable to all flexible materials and in particular to leather, coated fabrics and textiles used in shoe uppers.

The Bally Flexometer test can be performed on wet or dry test specimens at ambient temperature.

Temperature Humidity Chamber Environmental Chamber GT-C52:

Temperature -Humidity chamber for conditioning samples before testing. It can also be used on a variety of materials in high and low temperature cycling tests. The test temperature, humidity and time can be programmed. This machine creates a controlled environment for testingof products. It can simulate different temperatures and humidity levels to test the shelf life of products.

Water column tester LCD display GT-C26A:

Digital Hydrostatic pressure tester is used to test the waterproof properties of fabrics through waterproofing works such as canvas, coated fabrics, decking fabric, tarpaulin, rainproof fabrics and geotextiles. Hydrostatic pressure gauge Touch screen display with English menu. Internally installed water tank design and original water pressure equalization system ensure stable and accurate slew rate.

Computer controlled universal tensile strength testing machine GT-C01 - 1:

This universal tensile strength tester is designed to perform Tensile, compression, flexure, shear, bond strength, peel, tear and other tests for rubber, plastic, leather, metal,Nylon cord, fabric, etc. designed. Paper, aviation, packaging, construction, petrification, electrical, vehicle and other materials. Universal testing machines are basic equipment for quality continuity. Roll, incoming inspection, physical testing, mechanical research, material development.


In summary, Gester Instruments Co.,LTD has demonstrated its commitment to providing comprehensive training for its customers. By understanding the specific needs of its customers and offering hands-on training and theoretical knowledge, as well as conducting tests and certifications, Gester ensures that its customers acquire the necessary skills to operate performance testing equipment effectively and safely. This training also leads to improved efficiency, accurate results and improved safety in the workplace. Yesterday\'s A Seriesof testing equipment, including the shoe slip resistance tester, the Bally resistance flex tester, the environmental chamber with programmable temperature and humidity chamber, the hydrostatic pressure tester and the computer-controlled universal tensile strength tester, are indispensable in various industries. Your training process ensures that customers can use these machines optimally.