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Electric yarn length measuring instrument

Author: Released in:2024-04-25 Click:35

Electric yarn length measuring instrument

Electric yarn length measuring instrument

Applicable scope:

Can prepare specific lengths and turns of twisted yarn for calculating yarn count or strength testing. Equipped with a stretchable yarn frame (optional) with a circumference of 1 meter, 36 inches, or 54 inches, as well as a bobbin frame, pre tension device, and warning counter.

Compliant with standards:

ISO 2060 BS 2010 ASTM D1907 D2260 DIN 53830 GB/T 4743

Product details:

Using an electric motor in conjunction with a mechanism to automatically and neatly arrange the pre wound wires/wires on the hanger.

Technical parameters:

1. Pi: The metric length is one meter.

2. Number of blooms: 5-12, depending on the specific requirements of the user.

3. Swing stroke: 25 mm.

4. Winding speed: 150 rpm.

5. Power supply: AC 220 V (volts).

6. Size: 780 x 600 x 560 mm (in millimeters).

7. Weight: 45 kg.

Features and functions:

1. The overall structural design is sturdy and made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials, with a long service life and good stability.

2. Pre tension devices can be installed to meet the requirements and improve the accuracy of single needle testing.

3. Comes with a counter that can be pre-set for fixed length winding, making it easy to operate and use.

4. It can be equipped with a pressure dust cover to prevent dust and protect operations from pinch injuries.

5. Equipped with emergency safety switches.