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Electric rub color fastness tester for testing the color fastness of fur

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:88

Electric rubbing color fastness tester is suitable for dry and wet rubbing color fastness testing of various dyed furs, and is used to measure dry and wet rubbing color fastness of fur. Qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of this equipment.

Principle of the test:

Under the specified pressure, rub the dyed fur quilt with a dry cloth or a damp cloth, and use the gray sample card to evaluate the coloring of the rubbed fabric to judge the dyeing Color fastness to dry and wet rubbing of the fur, the sample is the whole fur, the middle part of the whole fur is tested, the length of the rubbed part is 270mm for the large fur, 210 mm for the medium fur, and 150mm for the small fur.

Applicable standards:

GB/T3920, ASTMF1319, AATCC8/165, BS1006D02, ISO105D02/X12, JISL0849, M&SC8/C8A, NEXTTM6.

Main parameters:

1. Friction head diameter: 16 mm ± 0.1 or 25 mm ± 0.1;

2. Stroke friction: 104/100 mm (adjustable);

3. Vertical pressure: 9N±10% (AATCC standard);

4. Friction head operating speed: 104±3mm/min (AATCC standard);

5. Number of reciprocating movements in one test: 10 times;

6. Friction speed: 60±1 rpm/min;

7 .Small White Standard Friction Cloth: 50×50mm , Cotton fabrics dessized, bleached, without optical brighteners or finishes.

Testing Procedure:

Method 1, Dry Rub

1. Put on the sample Place it flat on the friction instrument covered with sandpaper, make the length direction of the sample consistent with the direction of movement of the instrument, and fix the sample on the pressure plate, sample clampedmust be flat.

2. Attach the small standard white friction cloth to the friction head, squeeze it with a spring clip and lightly place the friction head on the sample;

3. Make sure the friction There is no slipping or wrinkling of the sample;

4. Place the friction head on the sample. Marn under power and turn on the POWER button. Set the number of tests.

5. Press START to begin the test. When the number of tests reaches the set value, the instrument stops automatically.

6. Remove the standard white cotton cloth and use the color card for comparison and evaluation.

Method 2, Wet Friction

1. Dip the standard white friction cloth in distilled water;

2. Take it out and squeeze it the in filter paper to make it It has a certain water content;

3. The remaining steps are the same as the testing steps of frdry otment above;

Processing results:

1 Before grading, use clear glue to rub lightly on the white fabric of loose lint.

2. Use three layers of unused white rubbing cloth under the white rubbing cloth to be evaluated and refer to the standard staining gray scale to assess the level of staining of the white rubbing cloth .