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Dynamic filtration performance tester for filter media and bags

Author: Released in:2024-03-19 Click:10

Dynamic filtration performance tester for filter media and bags

Dynamic filtration performance tester for filter media and bags

Compliant with standards:

VDI 3926 Part 1:2004, ASTM D6830-02:2008, JIS Z8909-1:2005, GB/T 6719:2009, ISO 11057:2011

Applicable scope:

This filtration performance tester is mainly used for testing the filtration performance of filter materials (Method 1). The device itself is easy to operate, with a compact and sturdy design. It can quickly and conveniently adjust the concentration value of fine dust in the filtration test, with a high degree of simulation in actual use, simulating various practical situations. The filtered particle size and concentration are measured online through the digital system of a light scattering spectrometer.

Product details:

The dynamic performance testing device for filter materials has the advantages of reasonable structural design, accurate testing parameters, and simple operation. It can complete comprehensive performance tests such as resistance and efficiency during the cleaning, aging, and stability processes of filter materials.

Color LCD operation interface, digital graphics processing, XDT software can independently display the Chinese interface, and can edit and process curves. It has two functions: customization and programmability, and comes with 5 international standard testing methods randomly. Has fault self calibration function. It has encryption function for operation and can be remotely controlled.

Testing process:

1. Initialization processing: Determine the dust filtration performance of the initial filter material sample. When the pressure loss reaches 1000Pa, clean the dust. After 30 repetitions, measure the weight gain of the high-efficiency filter membrane and the outlet dust concentration, and record them;

2. Aging treatment: 10000 cycles with an interval of 5 seconds for aging treatment;

3. Stabilization treatment: Stabilization treatment, during installation process A, perform 10 dust filtration and cleaning operations;

4. Stabilization treatment: Perform 30 dust filtration and cleaning operations according to A.

Technical parameters:

1. Dust generator

1) Particle type: Non viscous dry powder;

2) Continuous running time: 1-50 hours;

3) Compressed air requirement: maximum 6 bar;

4) Dust mass flow rate: 0.05g/h-20g/h, continuously adjustable, with stability less than 5%;

5) Aerosol outlet mass concentration: 0.012g-13g/h;

6) Power requirements: 100-260VAC/47-63Hz.

2. Filter material testing area: 140mm;

3. Filtering wind speed: 1-3m/min adjustable;

4. Horizontal pipeline flow rate: 0-3m3/h;

5. Scalable bypass pipeline;

6. Pressure sensor: 0-2000Pa, accuracy 2%;

7. Blowback pressure: 0.2-0.6 MPa (and can be set by oneself);

8. Blowback time: 50ms-200ms (and can be set by oneself);

9. Equipped with time controlled pulse valves and pressure controlled pulse valves;

10. Extraction flow control instrument: mass flow meter 80LPM, accuracy 0.1LPM;

11. Control of dust divergence compressed air: mass flow meter 20LPM, accuracy 0.1LPM;

12. Vacuum pump: 8m3/h, 4X10-4mbar, 550W;

13. Filter material filtration performance control software: capable of sampling pressure signals for filtration processes A, B, C, and D; Automatic control of constant pressure injection; Spray control during aging process; Equipped with manual, semi-automatic, and automatic testing control modes; NEU data processing mode.