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Do all car filters need maintenance? أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:79

Do all car filters need maintenance?

First of all, for cars with automatic transmission, the basic filter elements equipped on most vehicles is the air filter element , air conditioning filter element, oil filter element and gasoline. filter element, gearbox filter element, the above five.


Air filter element:

A car\'s air intake is like human breathing. Equally important, the air filter element air is a very important filter element.element in this link.The filter elements of different cars are different, but their functions are exactly the same.They are all filtered.The engine needs gas to ignite, and the gas enters first into the intake pipe from outside the car, then passes through the air filter element.The air flow sensor then passes through the throttle valve and finally enters the engine to combustion. However, the air filter element is particularly important. Some larger dust particles or pieces of paperoutside the car should be filtered by the air filter element. If its filtration quality is reduced, some ordinary objects entering the engine can seriously cause pulling on the cylinders and wear of the car cylinder piston.

Air conditioning filter element:

When a car is driving with the air conditioner on, it needs to breathe outside air into the cabin, but air contains many different particles, such as dust, pollen, soot, abrasive particles, ozone, odors, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, benzene , etc. If there is no air conditioning filter to filter, once these particles enter the passenger compartment, not only is the car air conditioner polluted, the performance of the cooling system is reducedtes and the human body inhales dust and harmful gases, which may cause allergic reactions, lung damage, irritability caused by ozone stimulation and the impact of odors, all of which affect the safety of conduct. And high quality A high-quality air filter can absorb fine particles, reduce breathing pain, reduce irritation for allergy sufferers, make driving more comfortable, and the air conditioning cooling system is also protected. Please note, there are two types of air conditioning filters, one without activated carbon, the other contains activated carbon (consult before purchase(Clear), the air conditioning filter element containing activated carbon not only has the functions above on it, but also absorbs a large amount of odors. The air conditioning filter element is usually replaced every 12,000 kilometers.

Oil filter element:

Oil filter element It is the oil filter. The function of the oil filter is to filter impurities, colloids and water in the oil points, providing clean engine oil to each lubricated part.

Fuel filter element:

Filtered Fuel Impurities in gasoline ensure that clean fuel is atomized into the combustion chamber via the injector. If the fuel is not filtered well, the impurities in the gasoline can easily clog the small holes of the injector, which will lead to the appearance of vehicle acceleration lights.

Transmission filter element:

The transmission filter is responsible for cleaning oil, a component that separates and stores contaminants. The transmission filter Filter gears works to provide a smooth filtered gearbox to ensure the normal operation of the gearbox and ensure the service life of the gearbox. Its function is: clean! Clean impurities and separate pollutants. . During the working process of the transmission, metal scraps, fibers, colloids and other impurities gradually produced by the long-term use of transmission oil are mixed. The filter can separate these substances lliquids and solids under severe temperature changes to ensure smooth transmission. Normal operation.