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Ford hired a “dummy” to test the quietness of the cabin.

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Ford hired a \"dummy\" to test the quietness of the cabin

The ancients respected the left side. When they go out in a car, they usually invite important guests to sit on the left side. But when it comes to modern society When traveling, many people think of the back seat of a car - we usually place the elderly and important guests in the back seat of the car to show respect . Nowadays, when buying a car, more and more consumers not only consider the vehicle\'s handling and driving pleasure, but also hope to have aquiet cabin environment, especially the rear space where “important people” can feel comfortable. In fact, the quiet environment of the car not only allows the driver and passengers in the back seat to chat easily and happily, but also helps relieve fatigue caused by long-distance driving.

When we talk about making vehicles quiet, we have to talk about an important element that needs to be optimized and tested in the vehicle research and development process: noise, vibration and quality vehicle running rate (NVH), therefore in order to avoidvehicle noise while driving. Unpleasant noise or shaking occurs during the process. If you\'ve ever heard a strange rattle, annoying wind noise, or annoying squeak in your car, even for just a few minutes, you\'ll understand the importance of NVH.

Jiang Shuangyan, Ph.D. in mechanicsof engineering and senior NVH development engineer at Ford Motor Nanjing Engineering R&D Center, works every day to create a high-quality acoustic environment in Ford cars - whether you are driving at high speed on an empty highway or you are driving a car, whether you drive at a snail\'s pace on busy city streets or cross mountains and ridges on rugged roads, you can enjoy peace and comfort as long as you are in a car Ford.

While the vehicle is driving, the sound of the wind caused by air friction, the sound of the tiresus caused by friction with the ground and the engine and air conditioning compressorThe vibration and noise generated by operation are Jiang Shuangyan\'s natural enemy. It must go through a series of experiments and tests to ensure that these noises are effectively reduced before reaching the passengers\' ears.

\"My job is like a doctor diagnosing the human digestive system,\" explains Jiang Shuangyanainé. \"When it works normally, you will get used to it and no longer notice its existence. But once it is working, only when something goes wrong and causes you trouble will youyou will realize its importance.\"

The tester who built the silent car is a model...

Dan is a good partner of Jiang Shuangyan. He is a mannequin with sensors installed in his \"ears » which receive various sound wave signals. Ginger relies on Dan to capturesons for recording and analysis of thedata. Whether in the front row, back row or even inside and outside the car, Dan will be placed at a height close to the human ear to simulate the hearing experience of real people.

Thanks to Dan\'s keen \"hearing\" and sensors installed on the steering wheel and seat rail to detect vibrations from interior components, Jiang Shuangyan can fine-tune noise and vibration. levels to optimize the driving experience for all passengers in the car. In order to reduce noise, it will also add damping materials to improve the sound insulation performance of the vehicle before it enters the mass production stage.

Strict requirements for the perfect acoustic environment at work make Jiang Shuangyan particularly sensitive to ambient noise in life. For example, she felt that her kitchen hood was making too much noise when operating, so she used sensors and acoustic dampening materials to reduce the noise.

Tap gently with a small hammer to create silence and no interference

In addition to Dan, another secret weapon of Jiang Shuangyan is an inconspicuous small hammer. This little hammer is called a percussion hammer. . It is composed of a hammer body and a dynamic force sensor. Its mass is the same as thate of the hammer. The hardness of the head can be adjusted according to the test specimen, and the operator should use it carefully to ensure that the applied force meets the test standard. Jiang Shuangyan will carefully use the hammer to hit the engine compartment, car rim grooves and various connection elements of the vehicle. , like a meticulous doctor, diagnose the noise and vibration of body parts.

Usually, the force required by the hub part is around 2000N, while the engine compartment has force of 700 N is required. The magnitude of these forces is not arbitrarily determined, but strictly simulates the stress state of these components during normal vehicle operation. Usually, each position must be tapped five times. At the end of account, Jiang Shuangyan needs to complete multiple tasks. Thousands of clicks.

\"Through the hammer test, the vibration attenuation rate of these components transmitted from outsider from cabin to cabin can be calculated. The higher the attenuation rate, the smoother and quieter the attenuation rate. the cabin environment will. .If the attenuation rate does not meet standards, we will study the transmission paths of these vibrations and identify the key components of the path. By locally strengthening key components, the vibration attenuation rate can be significantly improved, so that consumers can drive while driving. When you don\'t feel the vibration and noise, they are comfortable,\" Jiang explained. /p>

In addition, Jiang Shuangyan will also installnt modulating dampers to directly dissipate the vibrations generated by the components. In order to obtain more accurate test results, the hammer test should be carried out in a quiet room, where the walls and ceiling have been specially treated to ensure a quiet experimental environment.

Previously, Jiang Shuangyan had to go to Ford\'s Australian vehicle sound testing laboratory for NVH testing. In November last year, as the Ford Nanjing Test Center was officially put into operation, the vehicle sound testing laboratory here has a fully equipped quiet room,a semi-anechoic room and an advanced acoustic testing system, which can support Ford Transit level vehicles. test at most. , Jiang participated in the trial projects including Ford Taurus and Ford Escort.

In addition to laboratory testing, Ford engineers must also External vehicle noise during testing on the noisy pavement of the Nanjing Test Center includes tire noise, vehicle noise engine intake, exhaust noise, etc. precisely because of the silent efforts of many engineers like Jiang Shuangyan that Ford can guarantee that you and the \"important people\" in your car canz enjoy a stable and quiet driving experience, whether on bumpy roads or in harsh weather conditions.