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Digital Oxygen Index Tester Experiment

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:118

Digital Oxygen Index Tester is used to evaluate the combustion performance of polymers under specified test conditions, i.e. to measure the volume percentage of low oxygen at which the polymer can simply maintain combustion. Commonly used standards include GB/T 2406 and GB/T 5454. , Qisnun Precision Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of textile testing instruments. It can provide various textile testing instruments. Customers in need are welcome to call us in time.

Main parameters:

01. Use imported oxygen sensor, digital display of oxygen concentration without calculation, higher and more accurate, range 0-99.99 %;

02. Digital resolution: ±0.1%;

03. Measurement accuracy: 0.2 level;

04. Flow adjustment range: 0-10L/min (60-600L/h);

05. Response time: <5S;

06. Combus tubetion: inner diameter ≥75mm, height 400mm;

07. Gas flow in combustion tube: 40mm ± 2mm/s;

08. Pressure gauge accuracy: 2.5 level, resolution: 0.01MPa;

09. Flow meter: 1-15L/min (60-900L/H) adjustable;

10. Propane (butane) ignition system, flame length from 5mm to 60mm can be adjusted freely;

11. Gas: Industrial Nitrogen, Oxygen, Purity >99% (prepared by user);

12. Igniter: consisting of a metal tube with a nozzle with an inner diameter of Φ2 ± 1 mm at the end, which can be inserted into the combustion tube to ignite the sample;

13. Flame length: 16±4mm, size adjustable.

Test test:

Open the oxygen and nitrogen cylinder valves and adjust the pressure reducer. pressure at a pressure of 0.2 ~ 0.3 MPa. Adjust the microregulation valve until the flow of oxygen and nitrogen at astable flow is indicated by the rotameter. Look at the upper surface of the float and adjust it to the working position. At the same time, check whether the pressure gauge needle of the instrument is at 0.1 MPa. Otherwise, it\'s annoyingshould be adjusted to the specified value. Pressure, the N2+O2 pressure gauge is not higher than 0.03MPa or does not indicate the pressure, it is normal. If the pressure exceeds this value, check for coking or gas path blockage in the combustion column until the requirements are met. The system should be flushed for 30 seconds before testing or when changing the oxygen concentration.

After flushing the digital oxygen index meter, ignite the sample with propylene, butane, or natural gas. The flame length is 6 to 25 mm. After igniting the upper end of the sample, immediately remove the source of ignition and start immediately.mark time.

During the sample combustion process, observe the combustion state of the sample. For example, the sample burns for 180 seconds. Above, or burns more than 50mm, indicating that the oxygen concentration is too high and needs to be reduced. If the sample dies before 180 s or 50 mm, the oxygen concentration should be increased. The volume poxygen concentration should be measured when the sample is extinguished at 180 s or 50 mm. And repeat three times, take the average value of three oxygen concentrations to calculate.

Calculation: The number of times the oxygen index is tested is three times, the average value is calculated and one decimal place is taken.

The formula for calculating the oxygen index is as follows: (OI)=O2/(O2+N2)*10O%

Note: The volume percentage represents l \'oxygen index

Test Once the average value is obtained, compare it with the oxygen index valueof the reference material to obtain the test result.