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Corrugated Box Bursting Strength Tester Troubleshooting Guide

Author:QINSUN Released in:2022-11 Click:204

Paper burst tester is an indispensable equipment in industrial production. From the early mechanical static testing machine to the current low-cycle fatigue comparison, electron microscope, electro-hydraulic servo-dynamic crack tester, how much does the corrugated board crack tester cost? Bursting testers have been developed in the world for more than a century.

The current testing machine industry. The burst tester is a high-precision instrument that can make use of various scientific principles and data analysis. There are many types of cardboard burst testers. Especially in the past two decades, the world\'s microelectronics technology, precision machinery technology, special equipment technology, nano-micro-optical technology and other technologies have developed rapidly, and high-tech industries will be developed more and more rapidly. This form of development, whether it\'s speed, sensitivity, stability or cost. It proposes more conditionsthe testing machine industry, furthaar provides much material and technical assistance for the development of the paper burst testing machine and becomes a powerful driving force for its development.

Paper Burst Tester Common Errors and Troubleshooting Guide

Paper Burst Tester is a basic instrument for testing the strength of paper and board, suitable for different burst tests of paper and board. It is mainly used to measure the bursting strength of various types of cardboard and single-layer and multi-layer corrugated cardboard (also used for non-paper materials such as silk and cotton fabric).

Here are common errors and troubleshooting guidelines for the paper break tester:
The test value is inaccurate or small: the main reason is that the air in the oil cylinder is not completely removed and the oil pressure rises by blockage. The solution is as follows:
- Dratighten the oil head bolt.
-Press the rubber membrane a few times, if there is air, the corrugated box opener will burst and the oil cup will emit bubbles

Lab Test Instrument

- Press and hold the rubber film for about ten seconds, after the air is exhausted, the corrugated box bursting strength tester tightens the bolts.
-The function of the hydraulic system is to increase the force by changing the pressure. A complete hydraulic system consists of five parts, namely power components, actuators, control components, auxiliary components (accessories) and hydraulic oil. The quality of a hydraulic system depends on the rationality of the system design, the performance of system components, and the prevention and control of system contamination. That last point is especially important. In recent years, China\'s domestic hydraulic technology is stark improved and it is no longer easy to use foreign hydraulic technology for processing. Powerful corrugated box bursting strength testing machine, compact structure, elegant appearance, easy maintenance.