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Cement packaging bag drop test machine operating procedure

Author:QINSUN Released in:2022-11 Click:185

The cement packaging drop test machine can be specially used to test the damage caused by dropping product packaging and evaluate the impact resistance during transportation.

Applicable standard: iso 2248 jis z 0202-87gb/t 4857.5-92ul 2054 QC/t743, 744 yd 1268 GB/t 18287 SJ/t 11169 SJ/t 11

Cement packaging bag drop test machine operating procedure

70 mt/t 1051 GB 897 etc.

Test principle: The sample automatically rises to a predetermined height and then falls freely a predetermined condition, and collides with the impact table.

Main parameters
Equipment model ASR-8516
Drop height 300~1500mm
The face, edge and angle of the test method are inclined in all directions.
Height error 10mm
Plane error ≤ 1°
The test load is 0 ~ 80 kg.
The maximum size of the sample is W800×D800×H1000 (mm)
The size of the arm is 290×240×8 mm.
Drop size (L×W) 1700×1200 mm
Bottom thicknessdrop 10mm (solid iron plate)
Electrical transmission transmission mode
Display mode digital display height indicator
Control box size (L×W×H) 350×350×1100 mm
Overview dimensions (L×W ×H) 1700×1200×2315 mm
This machine weighs about 300 kg.
With power supply AC 3ψ 5W 380V 50Hz
Total power 1500W

Test procedure
1. Lift the sample and fix it on the drop arm, in the predetermined condition. Support the sample and lift it to the desired drop height. The difference between the height and the predetermined height should not exceed 2% of the predetermined height. The drop height is the distance between the lowest point of the specimen and the impact table when released.
2. Release the sample according to the following predetermined condition:
①If the surface falls, make the angle between the falling surface of the sample and the horizontal plane not more than 2o;
②If the edge falls, make the angle betweenn the falling edge and the horizontal plane The included angle does not exceed 2o, and the angular error between the specified surface on the sample and the impact table does not exceed 5o or 10% of the angle (whichever is greater), so that the gravity line of the sample passes through the falling edge;
③When When the angle is lowered, the angular error between the specified surface on the sample and the impact table is not more than 5° or 10% of the included angle (whichever is greater), so that the gravity line of the sample passes through the descent angle;
④ Regardless of the state or shape of the sample, the gravity line of the sample must pass through the falling surface, line or point.
3. Between the actual impact speed and the impact speed in free fallThe difference in free fall must not exceed 1%.
4. After the test, check the packaging and contents for damage according to the relevant standards or regulations. and analyze the test results.

Precautionary measureshedgehogs
u This equipment is located on the first floor, due to its large size, its weight is about 750Kg. In general, the elevator cannot enter, so it is inconvenient to move.
Please pay attention to safety when performing the drop test and keep away from the impact table when the object falls, to avoid personal injury and affect the test results when the arm is retracted when the object falls;
uThe equipment must be maintained regularly to prolong its life.

Equipment function
- This machine can do free fall test on the front, corner and edge of the package;
- Equipped with a digital display height indicator and encoder for height tracking , so that the product The drop height can be given accurately;
-The height error is less than 2% or 10mm;
-This machine adopts single-arm double-column structure, with electric reset, electric lowering, electric lifting device, measy to use.
-The unique buffer device greatly improves the service life, stability and safety of the machine;
-The single-arm arrangement can facilitate the placing of products, and the angular deviation between the impact surface and the bottom plate is less than or equal to 5o.
-Sufficient weight and force-bearing surface to achieve a load of 70 kg at a height of 2 meters. When testing the equipment, it will not tip over or shake, allowing the package to fall freely.