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Comparative analysis of fabric pilling tests in different regions

Author:QINSUN Released in:2022-12 Click:173

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To test the pilling behavior of fabrics, the test methods of most textile importing and exporting countries are generally limited to the tower board method and the Martindale method. The latter is the main test. With the internationalization of the textile market, textile companies have to learn to adapt to many foreign testing standards, including textile testing standards for pilling.

1. Home Textile Pilling Test

1. Testing Standard:

There are currently three main standards for methods of testing pilling of textiles :

1) GB/T4802.3-1997 \"Pilling Test Method for Fabrics - Pilling Box Method\", test conditions, no pressure;

2) GB/T4802.2 -1997 \"Test method zum Pilling von Stoffen - Martindale method\", test conditions, under slight pressure;

3) GB/T4802.1-1997 \"Test methods for fabrics boulochés - trajectory ball method, test condition, under light pressure.

2. Testing Devices: Home Textile Pilling Testing Devices are mainly divided into: roller box pilling and snagging testers, Martindale pilling testers, orbital pilling. There are three types of instruments.

3. Principle of the test:

1) Pilling box method: In a rotating roller box with a rough inner wall, the fabric is rolled up on a mandrel and rolled in the box for a while. Compare by count with the physical standard sample or its photo;

2) Martindale method: The fabric is evaluated against the physical standard sample or its photo after being abraded a specified number of times in upholstery conditions;

3) Circular orbit pilling method: under upholstery condition, after scrubbing with a nyl brushor a number of times, the fabric is compared to the standard physical sample or its photo under a certain light.

2. External textile pilling test

1. Test standard:

There are many foreign textile pilling test standards and commonly used standards are: United States Association for Testing and Materials ASTM Standard, Japanese Industrial Standard, German DIN Standard, British BS Standard, ISO International Standard, etc.

2 Test instruments: Mainly include the following three categories:

1) Pilling box type: Matches household pilling box type;

2 ) Random drum type: The fabric oscillates in the drum, causing lint and pilling due to random friction;

3) Martindale type: It has two functions of friction and pilling test.

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