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Common faults of oxygen indexer testing machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2021-02 Click:755

Oxygen index tester is a domestic tester independently developed and produced by Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., which is used to measure the combustion performance of vertical strip or sheet plastic materials with a thickness of 10.5mm, and also suitable for measuring the combustion performance of vertically supported film or film materials.

The limiting oxygen index apparatus to the minimum oxygen concentration required by the sample to maintain stable combustion in the mixed gas flow of oxygen and nitrogen under the specified test conditions, which is expressed by the volume percentage of oxygen.

Common faults of oxygen indexer testing machine
oxygen index tester manufacturers

As oxygen indexer testing machine manufacturer, we will provide customers with product maintenance and quality assurance services during subsequent use. However, some common faults can be solved simply, which can save the time and cost of factory service personnel. Today, I will tell you how to solve some common faults.

Can the concentration of oxygen and nitrogen be adjusted accurately?

Oxygen index testing instrument adopts gas mass flow controller and PLC logic controller to realize full-automatic control of oxygen flow and nitrogen flow, with high flow adjustment precision, fast speed and good stability. The gas mass flow controller integrates flow control, execution and feedback units, and has a real modular structure, flexible configuration, powerful functions, high adjustment precision and fast speed. PLC logic controller has the functions of digital-to-analog conversion and analog-to-digital conversion. By controlling the analog signal of the gas mass flow controller, it has higher precision and higher working stability.

What if the burner doesn't catch fire?

Burner is not home.
The position of the fire needle is offset.
There is no gas in the pipeline.
Each startup must have burner contraposition operation. Please refer to 4.D in the third chapter for specific operation.
After the ignition sounds, use a lighter or other ignition device to aim at the burner nozzle for manual ignition.
If it is lit, the position of the ignition needle can be adjusted (the igniter is damaged), and if it still does not catch fire, it should be detected according to the following method. Check whether there is gas in the gas cylinder; Whether the gas cylinder is installed correctly.

What if the burner does not move?

The moving track is stuck.
The line is abnormal.
Power off first, push and pull the burner base up and down by hand.
If the activity is flexible, it is normal. If it does not move, add a proper amount of lubricating oil to the slider on the rear linear slide rail, and then hold the slider for sliding a few times.
Check whether the plug on the left control box is plugged in properly (if there is any abnormality, please contact us).

Note: When the oxygen concentration is adjusted just after starting up, because there is air in the pipe, it is necessary to loosen the mixed gas flow adjusting knob for a period of time before it can be stabilized. In addition, the thermocouple is consumable and is not covered by the warranty. Please be very careful when using it.