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Troubleshooting of Oxygen Index Test Apparatus

Author: Released in:2021-02-05 Click:429

What is Oxygen Index Test Apparatus? Under what circumstances do you need a critical oxygen index test apparatus? Digital oxygen index tester is a simulated safety test item according to GB/T2406.1-2008, GB/T2406.2-2009, GB/T5454-1997 and other standards, which is used to measure the low oxygen concentration (also called oxygen index) of zui just needed to maintain the combustion of samples under the specified test conditions. The intelligent oxygen index instrument is suitable for testing and evaluating the combustion performance of homogeneous solid materials, laminated materials, foam materials, film and film materials under specified test conditions.

Troubleshooting of Oxygen Index Test Apparatus
oxygen index testing instrument

How should we install oxygen index flammability tester after we have fully understood it and purchased it? How to quickly repair some common faults in the subsequent use? Qinusn is a professional manufacturer of oxygen indexer testing machine. Today, we will tell you about the installation process and troubleshooting of oxygen index testing instrument.

Equipment installation:

1, the instrument into the fume hood or work platform.

  1. Insert one end of the configured rubber tube into the O2 and N2 interfaces on the back of the instrument, and the other end into the O2 and N2 gas cylinder interfaces correspondingly; One end of the polyamide fibre tube (white tube) is connected to the combustion column base, and the other end is connected to the back O2+N2 interface.
  2. Take out the metal mesh in the combustion cylinder, put in the rationed glass beads, then put in the metal mesh, clamp the pattern and put on the glass combustion cylinder.

I. Common fault phenomena

  1. The burner will not catch fire
  2. The burner will not move

Second, the cause of failure

  1. There are three reasons for burner ignition failure.

(1) the burner is not in place.

(2) The position of the fire needle is offset

(3) There is no gas in the pipeline.

Troubleshooting of Oxygen Index Test Apparatus
oxygen index tester manufacturers
  1. There are two reasons why the burner will not move

(1) the moving track is stuck. (2) The line is abnormal.

Third, the treatment measures 1, the burner points do not catch fire treatment measures

1) burner contraposition operation must be performed every time the machine is started. refer to section 4.D of chapter 3 for specific operation.

2) After the ignition sounds, use a lighter or other ignition device to aim at the burner nozzle for manual ignition. If it is lit, the position of the ignition needle can be adjusted (the igniter is damaged), and if it still does not catch fire, it should be detected according to the following method. three

) detect whether there is gas in the gas cylinder; Whether the gas cylinder is installed correctly.

  1. Measures to prevent the burner from moving

1) power off first, push and pull the burner base up and down by hand. If the activity is flexible, it is normal. If it does not move, add a proper amount of lubricating oil to the slider on the back linear slide rail, and then hold the slider for sliding a few times.

2) Check whether the plug on the left control box is plugged in properly (if there is no abnormality, contact the manufacturer).