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Common Differential Pressure Flowmeter Faults

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:94

When the differential pressure flow meter is applied in the field, it often encounters such and other problems, but the reason is investigated. As long as it is installed correctly, the main problem occurs mainly on the differential pressure transmitter. The following is mainly Let me introduce the inspection methods for these problems:

1. Differential pressure transmitter output signal is too low

The main reason is: the positive pressure tube is leaking or blocked, the differential pressure The measuring range of the transmitter is too large, and the flow in the line is too small. For general measuring fluids, it is impossible for the pressure guide tube to leak or clog. This is normal for on-site measurement of gases or fluids containing impurities. As long as we check the pressure guide tube, remove the blockage and adjust the extent of the tdifferential pressure transmitter and adjust the process flow.

2. The output signal of different ial pressure transmitter is too high

This main reason is just the opposite of the above, and you can refer to the solutions below above to eliminate them one by one.

3. The output signal of the differential pressure transmitter is unstable and fluctuates greatly

The installation direction of the differential pressure flow meter is incorrect, the upstream and downstream valves are disturbed and the bend is obstructed by other flow The influence of the components is on the throttling element, which requires us to adjust the process or change the installation location.