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5 reasons the air switch keeps tripping

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:110

Leakage protection is an engineering protection measure to prevent electrical fires and electrical equipment damage accidents caused by leakage. Electric Power Research and Development Center develops and produces hand-held leakage protection tester according to \"People\'s Republic of China Electronic Industry Standard SJ-255-10300\". It is specially used to test leakage action current, non-working leakage current and leakage action time of leakage protector. The leakage protection tester can be used to test single phase and three phase leakage protection. It adopts 10 gears for manual fast switching. 0-500mA, 0-799ms leakage action time, the leakage protection tester is widely used in switch manufacturers, power maintenance units and allpower consumption units.

I believe many people have encountered this situation, especially in the summer or when the electricity demand is relatively large during the Chinese New Year, or when the household appliances are turned on at the same time, the house air switch always trips, and after the trip it always turns off. It can be pushed up, but it pops up again after a while or a few hours. Is it a problem with the household circuit or the air switch? How to choose the air switch for home use?

Air interrupter, also called air circuit breaker, is a kind of circuit breaker. It is a switch that disconnects automatically as long as the current in the circuit exceeds the rated current. Air switch is a very important electric device in low voltage power distribution network and electric drive system. It integrates multiple control and protection functions. In addition to completing the contact and breaking of the circuit, it can also protect the short circuit, severe overload and undervoltage of the circuit or electrical equipment, and can also be used to start the motor in a low way. frequent.

During the period when the main power consumption is large, the possibility of the air switch tripping is relatively high. The editor summarizes 5 reasons why the air switch keeps tripping.

1. The current setting value of the air switch is too low, and the load power is higher than the rated power of the air switch. For example, the switch setting value of the cabinet air conditioner circuit and the electric water heater circuit should be 20A, instead of 16A for the general circuit (the same applies to Yuba with high power).

2. The connectors of theload are not very firm and the connectors of some hand-wired electrical devices are not fully seated.

3. If there is a short circuit in the line, check whether the electrical plug is dry.

4. The line ages and loses electricity, causing the live wire and neutral wire to energize. You can check the leak protector. If it jumps, it means that the electrical appliance is losing electricity.

5. If there is no problem with wiring and electrical appliances in the house, the quality of the air switch itself is not good enough.

The air switch is a safe electrical equipment commonly used in the family. The quality of the air switch is related to the safety of household electricity. Therefore, it is very necessary and important to buy a good quality air switch. thing.