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Color fastness tester for standard laundry textiles

Author: Released in:2022-11-23 Click:62

Qianshi Washing Color Fastness Tester|Textile Color Fastness Tester|

Meets standards: ISO 105 C01 C02 C03 C04 C05 C06 C08 D01, BS 1006 C01 C02 C03 C04 C05 AATCC 28 61 86 132 151 190, NEXT TM2 3 5, M&S C4 C5 C10A P3B, GB/T 3921 5711, FTMS 191-5610 Area of ​​application:

Colour fastness to washing of various textiles Color fastness to drying cleaning, color fastness to rinsing, washing powder performance and other tests of color fastness to washing and dry cleaning.

Product Details: Double cylinder color fastness tester can be used for testing color fastness in washing and dry cleaning. The two cylinders are separated and each is equipped with an independent control panel, which can conduct experiments at two different temperatures at the same time. Electronic key switch, LCD menu display, no mechanical contacts, safe and reliable. The transmission of the sample rack is ststable and reliable and is easy to replace the washing cup. Equipped with two wash cups of 500ml and 1200ml, each cylinder contains 24 cup slots (12 of each size) to meet different testing needs. The heating tube has no noise, long service life and temperature control. Technical parameters: 1. Two-cylinder washing fastness tester, test container position: (12+12)×2; 2. Rotational Speed: 40±2rpm; 3. Equipment control method: CNC, independently control two test boxes at the same time 4. The size of the washing test cup: 1200 ± 10 ml and 550 ± 10 ml; 5. Each test box has the function of rotary tipping; 6. It has the function of automatic alarm after the test; 7. The structure adopts 316 stainless steel material; 8. It has the function of rapid sample cup replacement; 9. The maximum temperature of the temperature control can reach 98 ℃; 10. Temperature Accuracy: ±0.3℃; 11. Temperature Control: Controlled by a microprocessorr, the interface can display temperature and time; 12. The test sleeve has a double-layer sealed heat preservation effect, which minimizes heat loss, reduces the frequent heating frequency, and effectively protects the life of the heating tube; 13. The test panel uses pneumatic struts, it is more humane, saves manpower, and has the function of protecting operators; 14. Anti-overflow alarm function; 15. Anti-dry heating alarm function to protect the instrument from damage; 16. Concealed pressure relief function, when the box is inside. When the air pressure is too high, it is cooled into water droplets and discharged through the hose-shaped pressure relief line; 17. With a forklift position, it can be disassembled and moved. Test steps for color fastness to washing: 1. Sample: The size is 40mm x 100mm, and the size of the lining fabric is the same as that of the sample. This can be two specified single fiber feedsfabrics or one multi-fiber lining fabric. Seam along the short side combined to form a combined sample. 2. Instrument: several airtight containers with a diameter of 75mm and a height of 125mm. , rotate at a speed of 40 rpm and continue mechanical stirring at the specified temperature and time. 3. Test conditions: The temperature, time and power supply of the five test methods are: Method 1; 40°C, 30 minutes; Method 2: 50°C, 30 min; Method 3: 60°C, 30 min; Method 4: 95°C, 30 min, add 10 stainless steel beads; method five: 95 ℃, 240 min, add 10 stainless steel beads. 4. Washing test solution: The test solution consists of 5 g/L soap flakes and 2 g/L anhydrous sodium carbonate, or 4 g/L standard synthetic detergent and 1 g/L anhydrous sodium carbonate, soap flakes and standard synthetic detergent. to sit.

Accessories and consumables: 1. Washing machine with double cylinder voor color fastness 2. 16 550ml stainless steel test cups 3. 16 1200ml stainless steel test cups 4. Washing Use stainless steel 2000 beads 5. 550ml stainless steel test cup water wash seal ring 20 pcs/pack 6. 1200ml stainless steel test cup wash seal ring 20 pcs/pack 7. 550ml stainless steel test cup dry cleaning sealing ring 20 pcs/pack 8. 1200 milliliter stainless steel test cup dry cleaning sealing gasket 20 pcs/pack 9. Stainless steel dry cleaning sheet 50 pcs 10. DW type multi-fiber interlining fabric 10 m/pack 11. American standard multi-fiber interlining fabric 1 m/pack 12. ECE standard lotion B (no fluorescence) 2 drums 13. American Standard Detergent (no fluorescence) 2 drums