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What are the test instruments for the textile industry?

Author: Released in:2022-11-23 Click:22

1. Textile instrument for printing and dyeing It is suitable for the color fastness test of printed and dyed textiles against dry, wet rubbing and brush rubbing. Rotate the large disc on the back of the friction head to change the friction head. The left and right positions on the sample increase the utilization rate of the sample.

2. General textile testing instrument Mainly used for measuring fiber fineness, yarn irregularity, hairiness, defects, cloth inspection, etc.

3. Textile Simulation Environment Test Tool Expose the material under test to a controlled cycle of sunlight and humidity while increasing the temperature to perform the test. It is a necessary testing equipment for aviation, automobiles, home appliances, scientific research and other fields.

4. Textile Test Consumables Used for testing general test consumables, clothing and house color, textile cotton color card, sstandard detergent. Also used to detect material consumption of textile testing instruments.

5. Flame retardant protection test It mainly shows the protective performance, combustion performance, flame retardancy and fabric protection, and is widely used in life-saving and fire protection industries.

6. Functional testing equipment mainly includes various textile functional tests, such as heat preservation, moisture permeability, sweating, protective performance and other tests, which reflect the safety and comfort of the textile sex test type.

7. Physical new energy test instruments are mainly used to test the physical properties of textiles, without chemistry and other test types that cannot be directly controlled to detect changes, such as stretching, strength, tearing, abrasion resistance andother factors;

8. Chemical testing equipment mainly detects the performance changes of textile tiles in chemical environments, such as: pH, color status, corrosion resistance, aging, etc.

9. Fabric Test Instrument is used to test the flame retardancy of hanging fabrics such as curtains and drapes. Applicable to single-layer or multi-layer fabrics, but not fabrics weighing more than 700 g/m2 (21 oz/yd2).