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Coal activity meter

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Coal Activity Meter It is used to measure the chemical reactivity of coal and coke to carbon dioxidepiles, that is, the reducing power of coal to carbon dioxide under certain high temperature conditions. It meets the requirements of GB/T220-2001 "Measurement method of chemical reactivity of coal to carbon dioxide", and can be used by coal, chemical industry, building materials, electricity, metallurgy, geological exploration and scientific research departments.
Coal activity is one of the indicators of coal chemical stability and surface area, which is closely related to gasification and combustion. High activity coal has strong reducing power, and the reaction in the gasification and combustion process is fast, high efficiency, especially for some gasification process such as boiling gasification. Coal activity directly affects the reaction of coal in the furnace, coal consumption and active components in gas.
In the new technology of fluidized combustion and gasification, the activity is also closely related to the reaction rate of coal in the furnace. Therefore, activity is also an important indicator of gasification and combustion characteristics.


Main technical indicators

1. Oven temperature: short-term maximum oven temperature 1500 degrees, use oven temperature 1200-1300 degrees
2. Constant temperature zone: 100mm Δt<±10 degrees
3. Heating rate: 20-25 degrees / minute, the oven can be used within 1 hour Temperature reaches 1200-1300 degrees
4. Silicon-carbon tube: double thread type φ50/40×640 mm
5. Reaction tube: corundum tube φ25/20×850 mm
6. Controller: automatic constant temperature control within the full range of 0-1600 degrees
7. Pyrometer: platinum rhodium-platinum thermocouple, range 0-1600 degrees, accuracy level 1.0
8. Power consumption: 4-5 kW
9. Supply voltage: 220V±20V
10. Pyrometer: platinum-rhodium-platinum thermocouple, range 0-1600 degrees, precision level 1.0
11. Total weight: 90kg

The structure and main features of the coal activity meter

The coal activity tester consists of three main parts: carbon dioxide purification system, reactor and gas analyzer:
1. Purification system: including barometer, scrubber, gas drying tower, gas flow meter.
2. Reaction furnace: silicon carbon tube vertical tube furnace, the maximum heating temperature can reach 1350 ° C, and the built-in quartz reaction tube with a temperature resistance of 1500 ° C. The temperature control has a high temperature control accuracy, clear readings and no parallax, and the whole process is automatic from 0 to 1600 ° C Constant temperature control, easy to operate.
3. Gas analyzer: the measurement range is 0-99% , and the accuracy is ±2%.