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Chrysler bending tester test steps

Author: Released in:2021-07-07 Click:467

The Chrysler bending tester is designed to test the adhesion of the coating material on the backing fabric by bending and folding, that is, the mechanical stability of the coating. The design is based on the Chrysler laboratory test method LP-463LB-9-01. This test characterizes the adhesion of coating materials on vinyl coated fabrics and leather base fabrics. At the same time, it can also test the cracking, bleaching, cracking, and separation of laminates of vinyl coated fabrics, leather, unsupported vinyl and other soft decorative materials.

Chrysler bending tester test steps

Fulfill the standard:

  Chrysler LP-463LB-9-01, Chrysler LP-463KB-113-01, Chrysler LP-463KB-10-01

product details:

  The tester can test 4 samples at one time, including 3 bending samples and 1 folded sample. When the bending test specimen is clamped by the clamp at both ends and tightened, one end is kept fixed and the other end is moved horizontally, and the bending test can be carried out. Clamp both ends of the folded specimen close to two opposite flat plates, and apply a 12 lb load on the folded area. The corresponding pressure can be applied by closing the plate.

   The bent sample is tightened with a fixed weight. The tension must be controlled.


   1. Power, start and stop switches

  2. Power plant: motor

  3. Motion device: reduction gear, connecting rod, moving beam

  4. Counting device: counter-display the number of work

   5. Bend test device, folding test device

   6. Tension adjustment device: spring, pressure plate-folding process; force arm and weight-bending process

Technical Parameters:

  1. Desktop;

   2. Bending test station: 3 stations;

  3. Folding test station: 1 station;

  4. Each sample holder can hold the sample and provide tension;

   5. Connecting rod working stroke: 70mm (2.75in.);

  6. ​​Fixture spacing: 152mm (6in.);

  7. Working frequency: 35 times/min;

   8. Bend test load: 36N (8lbf.) per sample, adjustable;

   9. Folding test load: 641N (12lbf.) after closing;

  10. Bend test sample size: 76×203mm (3×8in.);

  11. Folding test sample size: 129×129mm (5×5in.);

  12. Equipped with an electronic counter that can be manually reset;

   13. Electronic counter: 6 digits;

  14. Dimensions: 36×12×20 (length×width×height).

   Test steps:

   1. The two ends of the bent sample are clamped by the clamp and tightened, one end is kept fixed and the other end is moved horizontally;

  2. Clamp the two ends of the folded sample close to two opposite plates, and apply a 12lb load on the folded area;

   3. Close the plate to apply the corresponding pressure, and the bent sample is tightened with a fixed weight, and the tension must be controlled.

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