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4 points summary of plush toy quality inspection standards

Author: Released in:2021-08-23 Click:401

The quality inspection standards for plush toys are as follows:

  1. Packaging inspection:
    A. Check whether the label of the outer box is correct, whether there is any wrong printing or omission, and whether there is a wrong outer box. Whether the printing on the outer box meets the requirements, oil stains or ambiguities are not acceptable; B. Check whether the toy tag is complete and whether it is used incorrectly;
    C. Check whether there are any errors in the playing method of the toy tag, and whether there are any errors in the position;
    D. Any serious or minor defects found in the boxed toys must be picked out to ensure that there are no defective products;
    E. Understand the customer's packaging requirements and the correct packaging method. Check for errors;

F. Plastic plastic bags for packaging must be printed with warning slogans, and holes must be punched at the bottom of all plastic bags;
G. Understand whether the customer has requested to put text paper such as manuals and warnings in the box;
H. Check whether the toys in the box are placed correctly, too squeezing and space are unacceptable; I. The number of toys in the box must be the same as the number marked on the outer box, not a few;
J. Check whether there are scissors, drills and other packaging tools left in the box, then seal the plastic bag and the carton; K. When sealing the box, non-transparent adhesive paper cannot cover the box mark;
L. Fill in the correct box number, and the total must match the order quantity.

4 points summary of plush toy quality inspection standards
  1. Box throwing test:
    Since the toy has to go through a long period of time tossing and transporting and being beaten in the box, in order to understand the toy's bearing capacity and the condition after being beaten. A box throw test must be carried out. (Especially the toy outer box with porcelain and color box). The method is as follows:
    A. Lift any corner, three sides, and six sides of the outer box of the sealed toy to the chest level (36") and fall freely. Pay attention to one corner, all three sides and six sides must be dropped.
    B. Open the box and check the condition of the toys in the box. Decide whether to change the packaging method and replace the outer box according to the tolerance of the toy.
  2. Electronic test for plush toys:
    A. All electronic products (soft toys equipped with electronic accessories) must be 100% inspected, and the warehouse must be 10% inspected when the goods are purchased, and the workers must be 100% inspected during the installation;
    B. Take several electronic accessories for life test. Generally speaking, the electronic accessories of tweet must be called 700 times continuously to be qualified products;
    C. All electronic accessories whose sound is not loud, the sound is slight, and the sound is separated or faulty cannot be installed on the toy. Toys installed with such electronic accessories are also substandard products;
    D. Inspect electronic products according to other customer regulations.
  3. Plush safety inspection:
  4. In view of the strict requirements for toy safety in Europe, America and other countries, and the current frequent occurrences of foreign consumers claiming compensation from domestic toy manufacturers due to safety issues. The safety of toys must be highly valued by relevant personnel.
    A. Manual needles must be placed on the fixed soft bag, and cannot be directly inserted into the toy, so that people can leave the needle and pull it out;
    B. If the needle is broken, you must find another needle, and then report the two needles to the supervisor of the workshop team to exchange for a new needle. If you cannot find the toy with the broken needle, you must search through the probe device.