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Car maintenance should be carried out in a timely manner. Take stock of car maintenance precautions in fall and winter. أداة الاختبار –

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When maintaining your car, you should quickly take stock of the precautions you should take to maintain your car in autumn and winter

As the saying goes, “Every autumn rain results in cold weather.” Shanghai has recently experienced a combination of cold air moving south and autumn typhoons, which can be considered the beginning of autumn. concentrate. In autumn and winter, our body pays attention to supplements and our cars also need timely maintenance. Indeed, the temperature increases and decreases considerably in autumn and many external or internal parts of the car are prone to problems, requiring rapid and complete maintenance. Let\'s take stock of relevant autumn car maintenance precautions for car owners.

Clean your car

In summer, especially in the south, the rains are abundant, whichi makes the car visible and Anywhere you can\'t see is inevitably affected and dirty. Whenever the seasons change, this is the time when bacteria are most likely to reproduce. Therefore, when autumn comes, car owners should pay special attention to cleaning the interior and exterior of their car.

Air conditioners that are heavily used in summer are naturally the focus of cleaning. Since cars often travel on forded roads in summer, the lower part of the air conditioner condenser becomes contaminated with a lot of sediment. Over time, the condenser will rust, thus shortening the lifespan of the air conditioner. In addition, after using the air conditioner for a summer, the filter element of the air conditioner may have a peculiar smell, and the bacteria produced by the air conditioner will also gather and accumulate in the passenger compartment, causingprevents mold growth and cannot be disposed of. Therefore, after the onset of autumn, the air conditioner must be carefully maintained. As the weather gets colder, you also need to pay attention to maintaining heating pipes and fans to protect the line.

The refined products in the car are also focused on cleaning. Small velvet shops, in particular, can become a good place to hide dirt and evil. So when the seasons change from spring to summer, it is necessary to clean them on time. Cleaning seats, carpets, dashboards, floor mats, seat gaps, door interiors and trunk compartments cannot be ignored. When maintaining, it is best to use a professional cleaning product with a high temperature indoor sauna. This will not only remove dirt and odorsrs in the car, but will also effectively kill bacteria. After cleaning, use a protective agent to maintain the interior.

At the same time, places such as the door glass guide groove are also places that need cleaning, but they are often ignored. Since a large amount of rainwater carries a lot of dust and acid-base substances along the glass and flows into the guide pan, a large amount of dust accumulates in the rubber strips of the glass guide tray. In severe cases, the glass lifter will be weak and the glass will rise and fall slowly. You may want to use professional cleaners, such as glass guide gutter reducers from some major brands, to clean the guide gutter and then raise and lower the glass several times to significantly improve the situation.

Inspect your car

With the arrival of autumn and winter, the temperature drops strongly. We need to check the brake oil, electric pump oil, transmission oil, etc. on time. In particular, car owners who use their car less frequently should regularly check whether each type of oil has deteriorated according to the length of time their car has been used and replace them in time. At the same time, you should also check the antifreeze and window cleaner to prevent damage; check the waterproof effect of each cap to ensure the waterproof function and normal contact of the cap.

At the same time, the connection of the battery electrodes is also a place where problems are likely to occur at the time of power-on.summer and autumn, so pay attention to inspection. If green oxideis detected at the electrode wiring, it should be removed in time and sprayed with a special protective agent to prevent the oxide layer from reappearing and avoid premature disposal of the battery or failure to start the battery. car. Spark plug maintenance is equally important. When a problem occurs, the vehicle shakes or does not start.

In addition, in order to ensure driving safety, after fall, car owners should be careful to check the tire tread and sidewalls for any significant wear or cracks, and promptly clean foreign bodies. important in tire configuration. Additionally, because rubber tends to harden in fall and winter and tires are prone to leaks or punctures. In addition, after autumn, the temperature gradually drops, and the tire pressure will not increase as much as in hot summer. At this point, the pressureon tires should be increased accordingly.

Beautify your car

After entering autIn winter as in winter, you should also do a cosmetic treatment on the appearance of your car. From cleaning and polishing to waxing, glazing or coating, the appearance will be restored and look new and brighter. Indeed, the acidic substances present in summer rains can also corrode the car\'s paint and make it lose its shine; Direct sunlight in summer can also cause car paint to oxidize. In addition, there is a lot of dew in the morning in autumn, and the car paint surface is often in a humid environment. At this time, if the scratches on the body paint are serious, it is best to spray the paint in time to avoid rust in the scratched areas.