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Guide to replacing car interior equipment in winter

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:72

Guide to Replacing Car Interior Equipment in Winter

As winter approaches, your car also needs to replace some interior equipment to make the winter cold comfortable.

Change the seat cushion

The car seat cushion is the owner\'s closest “partner” of the car. Therefore, in winter When it comes, the first thing to replace is the car seat cushion. Remove sheets and real car seat cushions in summer, which are the closest “partners” of car owners. Therefore, when winter comes, the first thing to replace is the car seat cushion. Remove those linen, silk and bamboo mats in summer and replace them with down cushions, faux fur cushions, pure wool cushions, Australian wool cushions and other cushions suitable for winter use. The feelingwill be very different. Sitting in the car will be very warm and comfortable.

After winter, replacing seat cushions, back cushions, seat covers, floor mats, etc. become the first priority of car owners. cars to stay warm. Seat covers can be reused after being washed, while cushions, seat covers and floor mats should be changed from \"summer clothes\" to \"winter clothes\". Among them, the folding lumbar support, wool seat cushions and imitation velor floor mats are very popular with car enthusiasts.

The foldable lumbar support can not only be used as a lumbar support to relieve fatigue, but also can be used as a thin quilt to keep warm and prevent cold. Wool cushions are divided into seven-piece sets, five-piece sets and three-piece sets, with pplus ten types of fabrics, including pure wool, imitation fur, scuba fabrics and space fabrics. Imitation velor foot pads have thick velor, which is not only very textured but also very warm when your feet step on them.

Car friends recommend: In winter, it is best to thoroughly clean and disinfect the car interior and components. If riders use disinfectants such as peracetic acid for disinfection, consider scrubbing the cart with clean water after disinfection.

Replace Automotive Film

Most car owners are unaware of the importance of automotive film. New car owners think summer is over. It used to be that it didn’t matter whether there was a movie or not. Vintage car enthusiasts believe that the old car film replaced this summer can still be used. In fact, it doesn\'tis not the case. In many places, the weather in winter is mainly sunny and the intensity of ultraviolet radiation is very high. If your car is not properly filmed, the sun\'s ultraviolet rays will cause serious damage to your car in the long run.

Ultraviolet light is divided into three types: long wave, medium wave and short wave. Among them, long waves have strong penetrating power and are equally violent all year round regardless of the season, which can lead to sagging skin, increased wrinkles and other negative consequences. Medium waves can oxidize the protective lip identifying layer of the epidermis and dry out the skin. At the same time, the sun\'s ultraviolet rays are also the main cause of damage to car interiors, leather, fabrics, etc.

Therefore, it is also necessary to apply a filmto the car in winter and in winter. Automotive film that has been exposed to the sun for a summer is most suitable. It is best to replace it with a new automotive film. If you don\'t apply film to your car during the winter, your car\'s interior could start to fade next spring.

Recommended by automobile friends: When choosing a film, it is best to choose a product of excellent quality so that it can play its rightful role.

Aromatherapy machine

After turning on the air conditioning all summer, there is always a smell in the cabin with doors and windows closed. Replacing fresh and elegant summer car perfume with aromatherapy will put you in a good mood.

It uses ultrasonic oscillation to atomize essential oils to form essential oil. Mist ions and hydrogen ions, which can quicklymerge with the air and absorb positively charged ions and their debris, effectively keeping the air fresh. Aromatherapy with different liquids can not only purify the air, but also repel mosquitoes and kill insects. It is undoubtedly a good helper to purify the car air in winter.

Car friends recommend: Xiangbipiao Disney themed car aromatherapy satisfies car lovers\' pursuit of cuteness and individuality. It has a unique appearance design and a pleasant aroma.