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Calculation of zipper fatigue testing machine test results and taboo occasions

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:81

Zipper Fatigue Testing Machine specifically tests whether the zipper can withstand a specified number of reciprocating pulling operations under the action of transverse and longitudinal tension. During the test, the machine drives the zipper slider at a constant speed to reciprocate 30 times per minute up to the specified number of times.

Calculation or judgment of test results: flat tensile strength (kg) = maximum tensile force (kg) * 25mm / tensile machine clamping width (mm).

Precautions during testing:

1. If all three values ​​qualify, the average of the three values ​​will be used as the final result.

2. If any of the three values ​​are not qualified, two additional samples must be cut for re-inspection. If there are more unqualified samples during re-inspection, they will be judged unqualifiedqualified and initial inspection will be used. and the average value of the values ​​not qualified for reinspection as the final result. If there are no unqualified results in the retest, all qualified numbers will be used as the final result.

3. If two or more of the three values ​​are unqualified, they will be judged as unqualified and the average of the unqualified values ​​will be the final result.

Try not to use the zipper fatigue testing machine in the following situations:

1. In vibration and swinging situations.

2. Places exposed to direct sunlight.

3. High temperature, dusty and humid places.

4. AC power supplied to this machine must be properly grounded to ensure safe use.

5. It is strictly prohibited to use strong solvents (such as benzene, nitro oil) to cleaner the port of the machine.

6. No water or debris should be injected into the machine to avoid damaging electrical components and causing electric shock.

7. Disassembly, assembly and debugging of the instrument display may only be undertaken by units and original manufacturers approved by the National D.Metrology Department. Others are not allowed to disassemble or repair without authorization.