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Button Impact Tester Experiment

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:103

The button impact resistance tester uses a direct collision test method. The weight of the hammer is 0.84 kg. It is dropped at different Z heights and hits the button, and each button is tested to see if it is cracked or broken. Or broken, it is test equipment independently developed and produced by Qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.

Applicable standard:

ASTM D5171

Main parameters:

1. Impact mass: 0.84 Kg;

2. Test height: 32mm, 44mm, 67mm, 83mm, 95mm, 117mm, 200mm;

3 . Volume: 238mm×200mm×342mm;

4. Weight: 2.6kg.

Experimental steps:

1. Voltage

Pass the solder rod through button under trial buttonholes (four-hole buttons go through two diagonal buttonholes; shank buttons go through the shank). Install the button and welding rod on the tensiometer and gradually increase the pressure load on the button until the button or button handle breaks, and record the number of Newtons under pressure. The remaining button samples are subjected to the same test method.

Calculate the average pressure and note the large and small values.

Note that usually the large and small values ​​do not exceed 25% of the mean. For example, with an average value of 100N, the error must not exceed 75N for the small value and 125N for the large value.

2. Impact force

Attach the button to be tested to an appropriately sized clamp, facing the pendulum. Four-hole buttons have two exposed holes and two-hole buttons have one exposed hole. After attaching the button, close the clamp and install all the parts on the collider table with the included screwdriver. When testing buttons less than 15mm, raise the pendulum to position 2and the big buttons should go to position 1.

Release the handle, release the pendulum and hit the button. Note any broken, cracked, or bent buttons. Repeat the test until all button samples have been tested.

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