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BS 5852 combustion tester

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BS 5852 combustion tester

BS 5852 combustion tester

Compliant with standards:

BS 5852-2006. ISO 8191-1&2:1987. EN 1021-1&2. GB/T 17927.1&2:2011. BS EN 597-1&2. BS 7175 and other standards.

Applicable scope:

The BS 5852 combustion tester is widely used in the determination of flame retardancy of soft furniture in Europe and the United States. It is used in conjunction with ignition sources 0-7, standard fabrics, and sponges to test the combustion performance.

The ISO 8191 mattress combustion tester/BS 5852 combustion tester is developed based on BS 5852-2006 and is used to test the combustion reaction of mattress and sofa material combinations when they are ignited. Widely used for flame retardant performance testing of soft furniture in Europe and the United States, combined with 0-7 fire sources, standard fabrics, sponges, etc., for combustion performance testing.

Test equipment:

The mattress and sofa anti ignition characteristic tester consists of two parts: a combustion testing device and a control box.

Testing principle:

During the test, the test frame is covered with standard foam and the fabric to be tested, and the sample is ignited and the combustion process is detected with a standard ignition device consisting of a control box and a combustion tube.

Main parameters:

Sample holder: Place and fix the sample.

There are two specifications of all stainless steel test racks, with dimensions of (450 × 300 × 150) mm and (450 × 450 × 300) mm respectively. They have a heat-resistant wire mesh structure and a cross diagonal mesh size of 28mm × 6mm.

Combustion tube: Connect propane or butane gas as an ignition source. Including ignition tubes and gas hoses.

Stainless steel ignition tube: outer diameter (8 ± 0.1) mm, inner diameter (6.5 ± 0.1) mm, length (200 ± 5) mm.

Gas hose: inner diameter (7 ± 1) mm, length (2.5-3.0) m.

Power button: Power control and display.

Timing button: When the sample begins to ignite, press the timing button to start the ignition timing. When the ignition ends,

Press the timer button again to turn off the timer.

Timer: Set and display ignition time and buzzer alarm time.

Buzzer: When the ignition of the sample is completed, the buzzer will sound and light an alarm to remind to withdraw the ignition source and end the experiment. Flow regulating valve: Adjust the gas flow rate to adjust the flame height.

Gas flow meter: displays the gas flow rate. Pressure regulating valve: regulates the gas pressure. Pressure gauge: displays the gas pressure.

Gas switch: controls the on-off of gas pipelines.

The interface inlet is connected to the gas pipe through a gas pipeline, and the outlet is connected to the combustion chamber inlet through a gas pipeline.

The power interface is connected to an external power source through a power cord. The input power supply is 220V/50-60Hz.