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Briefly describe the correct use of the falling weight fabric tearing instrument

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:50

The falling weight fabric tear tester is a special testing instrument used to determine the yield strength of fabrics and the tensile properties of bias yarns. It can simulate the tearing force experienced by fabrics under normal use, which is very useful for fabric quality evaluation and process technology research.

The following introduces how to properly use the reduced weight fabric tear tester:

 1. Preparation work

  (1) Determine whether to use multiple doors or single doors depending the shape and tightness of the sample.

(2) Select the appropriate weight of the drop weight according to the mechanical properties of the tested sample.

(3) Use needles of corresponding materials to match the tested sample toavoid any movement of the sample.

2. Operation steps

(1) Insert the plug and turn on the device while the instrL\' hardware switch is on.

(2) Confirm that the compression handwheel has been loosened, place the test sample on the device, and manually adjust the device so that the pull direction of the The sample is consistent with the direction of movement of the testing machine.

(3) Adjust the zero pointer of the force sensor dial and raise the traction device to hold it level with the casing under static load.

(4) Confirm whether the position of the tested sample is correct and whether the crankcase cover has been fixed well.

(5) Close the compression wheel and start the power supply.

(6) Confirm whether the tearing result is accurate and the reading is normal. If the dondata are inaccurate, they should be rechecked.

3. Maintenance

(1) Lubricate and clean the equipment regularly.

(2) Clean the inside of the equipment frequently to avoid sampThe residue does not affect the accuracy of measurements.

(3) Ensure that when using the machine, the operator wears gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints or bumping the equipment.

(4) When the equipment is not used for a long period of time, it must be sealed and placed accordingly, protected from moisture, dust and stored in a dry place. and ventilated place.

The above is about the correct use method and maintenance issues of the falling weight fabric tearing instrument. By understanding this knowledge, equipment can be made more accurate and efficient, extending the life of the equipment.