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This article shares with you the correct use of the sweat color fastness meter.

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:98

The perspiration color fastness tester is a color measuring instrument which is generally used to test the color fastness of some fabrics and fibrous materials. Its use is very simple, let\'s present it in detail below.

1. Preparation

First of all, you need to prepare the instrument itself and the material to be tested (usually fabric). In addition, you need to prepare detergents, bleach, oxygen-consuming liquids and other reagents, and ensure that all reagents are within the validity period.

2. Connect the device

Connect the instrument to the power supply and turn on the power switch food. Sensors and computers are then connected so that data can be automatically recorded and processed during the test.

3. Prepare the samples

Cut the materials to be tested into appropriate size samples as needed and ensure that each sample dimensions are the same. If necessary, each sample can be labeled for identification.

4. Change settings

Open the software installed on the computer and adjust the material type and reagents required for testing Type the settings parameters. For example, for light-colored materials, you should select light-color mode, and for low-oxygen reagents, you should select low-oxygen mode.

5. Perform the test

Place the sample on the instrument and start the test according to the procedure. During the whole testing process, the instrument will continuously record data and automatically analyze whether the material has sufficient color fastness.

6. Evaluation of results

After completing the test, the instrument will provide a result report showing the color fastness of each sample. degree index. If the index is lower than required, steps should be taken to improve the color fastness of the material, for example by using better dyes or manufacturing processes.

7. Cleaning and maintenance

After the test, the instrument should be cleaned and maintained in time to ensure that it is in good condition before the next use. In good condition. At the same time, various parts of the instrument also need to be checked regularly to ensure their proper functioning.

The above explains how to use the sweat color fastness meter. I hope this will be useful to you. Remember to read the instrument\'s instruction manual carefully and follow the operating procedures.are correct.