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Blanket flammability tester

Author: Released in:2024-03-25 Click:20

Blanket flammability tester

Blanket flammability tester

Compliant with standard: American Society for Materials ASTM D4151

Applicable scope:

This testing instrument is used to test the flame retardant performance and surface flame spread performance of bed blanket fabrics. The testing method involves burning the sample surface with standardized flames within a specified time, observing the degree of combustion, damage, or discoloration of the standard test paper, and then grading and evaluating the tested fabric.

Product details:

Operation method:

After sample preparation and instrument debugging, place the assembled sample fixture on the sample clamp. Open the gas valve and supply gas to the fire pipe. Aim the electronic lighter at the nozzle for ignition. Press the start button on the control panel, and under the mechanical transmission, the flame nozzle moves forward to the test position to ignite the sample and test paper on the sample fixture. Start the timing system at the same time as ignition, and the control panel displays the frequency recording of ignition time. After 1 second, the fire tube moves back and the timer stops counting, ending the experiment. Finally, remove the sample and test paper for rating.

Instrument structure:

This instrument includes the following structural components:

(1) Flowmeter: Adjust the gas flow rate.

(2) Spitfire pipe: Gas is first connected to the flow meter through a hose, and then enters the flame pipe through a hose at the back of the box.

(3) Windshield: Glass is placed on the upper part of the windshield. The experiment was conducted in a ventilated kitchen, where the circular holes on the top of the box and the gaps on the wind deflector caused convection of gas.

(4) Control panel: Power - power switch; Start: Start the internal motor and move the flame nozzle to the test position (with a vertical distance of 8mm and a horizontal distance of 3.2mm from the center of the sample), triggering the internal timing switch; Reset: Timer reset/fire tube reset.

(5) Sample fixture and sample holder. There is a knob on the sample holder substrate that can be adjusted to move left and right. By loosening and tightening the knob, the sample holder substrate can be moved and fixed.

(6) Timer: displays the set and actual ignition time. The fire tube can only complete the required movement after resetting the timer, otherwise it cannot return to its initial position after moving forward.

Instrument features:

1. Stainless steel box, equipped with transparent observation windows;

2. 18th needle flame, flame length adjustable;

3. The ignition time can be freely set;

4. The timer accuracy is 0.01 seconds;

5. Provide bristle device and sample holder;

6. Provide standard stainless steel sample clips;

7. External dimensions: 370 x 218 x 510mm (width x height x depth);

8. Power supply: 220V, 50/Hz, 1.0A.