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Beating degree tester

Author: Released in:2024-04-09 Click:31

Beating degree tester

Beating degree tester

The pulp beating degree tester is designed based on the Schoenberg Rigler method, which is a conventional method for measuring the filtration rate of diluted pulp suspensions. It is suitable for measuring the filtration performance of pulp suspensions, studying fiber conditions, and evaluating the degree of pulp beating. During the beating process, fibers mainly undergo displacement and deformation of the cell wall, breaking of the outer layers of the primary and secondary walls, water absorption, swelling, and fine fibrosis of the fibers, transverse cutting, crushing, and kneading, all of which occur simultaneously throughout the beating process. The pulp beating degree tester is a conventional laboratory instrument for measuring the suspension water velocity of diluted pulp, based on the phenomenon that the beating degree of pulp is inversely proportional to the filtration rate of pulp suspension. A higher filtration rate corresponds to a lower beating degree (SR value), and vice versa.

Product features:

(1) Stainless steel metal shell, smooth lines, beautiful appearance, strong corrosion resistance, and long service life.

(2) The pulp beating degree meter is a Schoenberg type beating degree meter, which uses a manually compressed sealing cone.

(3) The conical cover can be lifted and lowered, and its edges are embedded with rubber rings, making the conical cover tightly adhere to the inner wall of the cylinder without causing water leakage.

(4) The workbench is stable, easy to adjust the work benchmark, and vibration free.

(5) The working environment is clean and the air is clean with little dust.

Reference standard:

ISO5267/1 "Pulps - Determination of water filtration performance - Part 1: Schoenberg Regler method"

The relevant provisions of GB3332 "Method for determining the beating degree of pulp".

Technical parameters:

Size: 1000 x250 x450mm

Weight: 34kg