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AVENTICS AVENTICS 608/609 Series Proportional Valve

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:117

Sentronic-D 608/609 Series Proportional Valve

for high dynamic response three direct acting proportional valves for standard and mid-range technical solutions with adjustable parameters.


Typical application of proportional valve

1. Power control

•Cylinder converts air pressure into thrust/thrust

Gas pressure control can realize Force control

•Requirements: – Direct-acting electro-proportional valves are usually required to achieve high dynamic and precise control - Repeated pressure adjustments are easy to cause wear topiloted proportional valves

Constant 2, pressure control

• Constant air pressure output for constant voltage or airflow

•Constant air pressure, flow rate changes•Requirements: – The air pressurecan be fine-tuned and the pressure stability is high


Dynamic positioning Open loop positioning: Resilience air pressure balance

Control djerk means line actuator position

Requirements: – Requires direct action proportional valve, provides highly dynamic control characteristics – cascade control with external sensors

flow control

•Vath coil diameter, and pressure converted to gas flow control.

• Flow control can be achieved by regulating pressure, usually with Used for gas purge or cooling process control

•Requirements: – stable pressure output and high dynamic response in a wide pressure range – large power requirements, can be used with an external power amplification module (Booster)

AVENTICS Emerson can supply various electro-proportional valves. Solutions for different application areas:

Factory automation – Medical equipment – ​​Railway – Truck motor control – Laser cutting, – Glass or plastic blowing, etc.

Emerson Pressure Control Solutions Performance Scale Valves, diameters from 0.5 mm to 20 mm•13 Nl/min to 16500 Nl/min•Pressure range from negative pressure to 80 bar•Suitable for various standard or severe extreme DUAN environments•Plug and play and through the custom parameters•High dynamic performance



Sentronic-D is a three-way digitally controlled proportional valve with a high dynamic response

• Sentronic-D has : – Digital control – integrated display

• Direct acting valve

• Sentronic-D can communicate with PC via DAS software, visual setting signal and feedback,

• And volume diagnosis parameter setting and maintenance function



• 3/3-way valve, direct acting• Two sizes/ Nominal diameters

• 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" ports

• Dual Loop Control (cascade) version• Oxygen version available

• Highdynamic control characteristics• Precise digital controller

• Use DaS software for parameter setting

• Display optional