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Automotive interior and component project testing أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:62

Testing Automotive Interiors and Various Components

Testing the Impact of Volatile Substances from Automotive Interior Materials on Windshields:

Automotive interior decoration materials, such as engineering plastics, textiles, leather, non-woven fabrics, etc., as well as various adhesives used to install these materials, under the action of high temperature, their easily volatile components evaporate and appear on the car windows or condensation forms on the windshield, causing the driver\'s poor vision and seriously affecting driving safety. At present, there are already tests in this field abroad, and the relevant test standards followed are DIN75201, ISO6452, SAEJ1756, etc. Some domestic auto and interior parts manufacturers also conduct relevant tests in order to improve product quality ordevelop foreign markets. enough attention has been given.

With the rapid development of the automobile industry and adjustment of the structure of the textile industry, textiles such as automobile interior decoration, seat belts, airbags, seat cushions, automobile carpets, ceiling materials and curtains have the ubiquitous figure is relatively widely used, and the performance of automobile interior materials increasingly affects today\'s consumers\' choice of better products.

Test item: Formaldehyde content of automobile interior parts

This tool is used to create a standard curve of VOC, including a standard curve Production Use a flow controller to create the instrument and the standard curve. While the inert gas is flowing, use a regular injection needle (needle length 2 inches) to addr the standard substance above the collecting agent in the collecting tube. The sample is brought by the inert gas. Trap tubes can also be filled with gas samples or gas standards. The flow controller of the production tool of the detection line is composed of a pressure regulator and an injection switch valve. It is preset at 120 kPa when shipped and the flow rate at the outlet is approximately 50 ml/min when there is no load. The main body outlet is equipped with an activated carbon filter to provide clean gas. 1/16 inch PTFE tubing is used to connect to the test line manufacturing tool. Note) When adding samples to the AEROTDTube series trap tubes (for T-DEX, ATD), do not insert the needle through the quartz wool used to support the packing.

With the rapid development of performance and processing technology of non-metallic materials, mNon-metallic materials are being used in automobiles at an unprecedented rate. In addition, the testing items of non-metallic materials in automobile interiors include the atomization of interior materials on the windshield, the breathability of fuel tanks, and the air and moisture permeability of materials. seats.

Non-metallic materials testing machine pipe pressure testing machine pipe drop weight

Purpose of the test: test eOrganic content of automobile interior materials Total volatile emission (semi-quantitative with acetone)

Detection of air permeability of Automotive plastic fuel tanks:

Compared with steel fuel tanks, automobile plastic fuel tanks have the characteristics of safer, durable service life corrosion-resistant, long, etc., and the shape ist random, low production cost, current plastic utilization rate Chinese car fuel tanks have reached 86%.

There are two test methods for detecting fogging of interior parts: the gloss test method and the weight test method. The first is to measure the atomization characteristics of the test sample by changing the gloss of the glass plate before and after atomization; the latter consists in obtaining the quality of the atomization condensate thanks to the change in the mass of the aluminum foil before and after atomization. In addition, the \"nebulization value\" or \"atomization-condensation mass\" obtained through the test can also quantitatively obtain the volatile amount of toxic and harmful substances in the sample; Through the xenon lamp fogging value test in front of the car, it can test how much the headlight fogging affects the brightness.anger.