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What are the standard technical configurations of nebulization testing machine for instrument detection?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:68

What are the technical standard configurations of the instrument detection fogging testing machine

The instrument detection fogging testing machine is suitable for automobile interior materials, such as PVC, textiles, leather, non-woven fabrics It can also be used for the evaluation of the evaporation of volatile components of materials at high temperatures, and can also be used for the determination of fogging phenomenon raised xenon lights in front of cars; Three different test methods can be used: reflection type, gloss method and quality method for automobile interior decoration. The annoying spray effect has been tested and fully complies with all spray test standards.

Standard configuration of atomization testing machine:

8 beakers: outer diameter (90±2) mm, height: (190± 5) mm, minimum mass: 450g;

●6metal rings: outer diameter: (80±1)mm, inner diameter: (74±1)mm, mass: (55±1)g;

● 30 pieces of glass sheets sealing: thickness (3.0±0.2)mm;

● 8 pieces of gaskets: thickness (0.10±0.02)mm;

● 1 piece brush : diameter 8 mm, 1 mold knife: diameter ( 80 ± 1) mm;

● 200 pieces of filter paper: diameter 125 mm;

● 100 pieces of filter paper aluminum: thick (0.030±0.005)mm, round, diameter (103±1)mm;

Quantity 50 liters of thermal oil: boiling point 110 degrees, trichloroethane;

●Reflector 1 set: with 60° incidence angle and 60° reflection angle;< /p>

● 1 stopwatch: accuracy 0.1s;

● 1 drying box: 35 liters;

● 1 black liner: size 400 × 300 mm;

● 0.5 liter DIDP: standard product;

● 1 bottle of glass cleaner: 1 bottle of ethanol, 1 bottle of acetone, 1 pack of absorbent cotton , 1 bottle of eink test, 1 pair of polyethylene gloves, 1 tweezers, 2KG of phosphorus pentoxide, 0.5 liters of DOP, analytical grade.

Technical Specifications of Measuring Instrument Calibration Atomization Testing Machine:

1. Using a large 5.7 inch touch screen;

2.PLC control, power-off data storage, programmable control;

3.PT100 high precision temperature sensor;

4. High temperature box and low temperature box combined into one;< /p>

5. Unique insulation design to ensure constant temperature;

6. The whole machine is made of imported 316 stainless steel to prevent rust;

7. Machine The countertop is made of imported artificial mica stone to ensure the temperature

8. The low temperature box adopts imported noise compressor;

9. At the same time, it can perform 6 sets of sample tests;

10. PID temperature control accuracy: ±0.3 degrees;

11. Equipped with an exhaust device to ensure that the test environment has no peculiar smell;

12. Multiple protections: water shortage protection, overheating protection, leakage protection, overcurrent protection, work instructions, etc.