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Automobile sealing strip wear-resistant testing machine

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Automobile sealing strip wear-resistant testing machine

Automobile sealing strip wear-resistant testing machine

Product Usage:

The automobile sealing strip wear-resistant testing machine is a newly developed product by our company according to customer requirements, which is widely used in the automobile production industry and its supporting enterprises. This machine is suitable for testing the wear resistance of various automotive products such as fluff and coated guide groove sealing strips, sponge coated door frame sealing strips, door sealing strips, luggage compartment sealing strips, etc.

Equipment structural characteristics:

1. The friction head bracket is a straight up and straight down installation bracket, and the weight is directly installed on the friction head bracket. The required mass should be the total mass of the weight plus the friction head and bracket. (Same as similar products in Germany)

2. Fix the flat plate of the sample and groove it. Use elbow pliers at both ends to fix the flat plate and press the sample for testing.

Applicable standards:

The automobile wear testing machine can meet various domestic and foreign standards:

The PV3313 wear standard in German Volkswagen Technologies TL52057 and TL52417

PV3366 wear standard in TL52641 technical standard and Chinese automotive industry department standard

QC/T711-2004 Automotive Sealing Strip Flocking Wear Resistance Test Method, National Standard

GB/T21282-2007 Standard for Wear Test of Rubber and Plastic Sealing Strips and Other Automotive Sealing Strips for Passenger Cars

Technical parameters:

1. Type: 6-hammer electric type

2 test pieces: Take samples from various sealing strip products;

3 loads: 250g, 325g, 500g, 1000g, 3000g (various weights can be customized according to standards)

4. Wear stroke: 0-160mm

Adjustable height of 5 wear heads: 0-50mm

6. Adjustment range of wear speed: 0-90 times/minute

7 counters: 0-999999 times

8 Volume: 1020X850X630mm

9. Net weight: approximately 160KG

Universal finger friction tester

Product Introduction:

When fingers slide on the surface, they generate the highest biological mechanical feedback and interact with objects. When touching the surface, the fingers mechanically strike and then perform a sliding motion. In addition to mechanical wear, sweat, body oil, and products that customers are more concerned about may experience a decrease in product quality due to chemical reactions between the skin and the product surface. The combined effect of mechanical and chemical forces can be tested using a universal finger friction tester.

The movement of the piston (artificial finger) is simulated through electronic control to simulate the wear of the product. Unlike other systems that rarely use pneumatic cylinders, they can wear out over time and provide different results. Using linear motors to ensure precise pressure application throughout the machine's lifespan. The components used to make up the instrument are of high quality, which will ensure the high reliability and low maintenance of the machine during its use.

Application field:

Simulation of friction between fabric and skin, simulation of material vacuum absorption, simulation of leather wear resistance, simulation of high roughness mechanical wear, simulation of chemical action of hand cream/sunscreen, simulation of chemical action of artificial sweat

Compliant with standards:

International standard: EC 68-2-70

European standard: EN 60068-2-70

German standard: DIN 60068-2-70

Product features:

Flexible system design

High quality, reliable quality

High accuracy of test results

Various parameters can be adjusted under different conditions

Low maintenance frequency

Technical parameters:

Normal load of 1,5,10N or 20N

Cycles 1-10 million times

Working voltage 110V/230V

Friction diameter 1-40mm

Supply cycle