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ATLAS xenon lamp aging testing machine Xenotest 220/220+

Author: Released in:2024-05-07 Click:17

ATLAS xenon lamp aging testing machine Xenotest 220/220+

ATLAS xenon lamp aging testing machine Xenotest 220/220+

Compliant with standards:

AATCC TM16-2004, AATCC TM169, ISO 105-B04, M&S C9, M&S C9A, GB/T 8427.

Applicable scope:

Xenotest 220/220+xenon lamp aging tester is a light aging tester used for testing high-capacity textiles. Comes with additional sample lighting racks, temperature sensors, and non aging filters. 220 can test 38 samples simultaneously, with a double capacity of 150S+. The combination of large capacity test boxes and efficient utilization of water and electricity has made it an economical air-cooled testing instrument at present.

Product details:

1. Light source: 2200W air-cooled xenon lamp

2. Exposure test area: 2310cm2

3. Color touch screen control and display of test parameters

4. Radiation control: 300-400 nm automatic control

5. Directly set and control the black label temperature

6. Directly set and control the temperature of the box

7. Directly set and control relative humidity

8. Display test diagnostic information

9. Can store up to 10 predefined user tests

10. Multilingual user interface

11. The non aging filtration system complies with ISO 105-B02 and AATCC TM16 standards

12. Sample holder XENOSENSIV? Used to measure and control the irradiance (in W/m?) and black label temperature at the sample level

13. Optional temperature control: box temperature (up to 65 ℃) or box temperature black label temperature dual control (up to 100 ℃)

14. The difference between fan control black label temperature and box temperature

15. Integrated 60 liter water tank for humidity control and sample spraying (automatic filling)

16. Can load 19 sample racks to test up to 38 standard textile samples (13.5cm x 4.5cm)

17. Predefined standards: ISO 105 B02 and AATCC TM16-2004 (option 3)

18. End the experiment with total exposure, light duration, or operating time

19. UV protection test box window

20. Automatic start function of

21. Built in memory chip for storing data

22. Transfer and store data through RS 232 interface or memory card

23. Ethernet interface connection to internal computer network, and use of XenoTouch Add ons1, 2, and 3 (remote control, email service, online monitoring)

Technical parameters:

1. Air cooled xenon lamp: 2200W (1 unit)

2. Large exposure area: 2310cm2

3. Test bits: 38

4. Sample size: 13.5cm x 4.5cm

5. Lamp monitor: XENOSENSIV?

6. Radiation intensity range (300-400nm): 30-50W/㎡

7. BST range: 40-100 ℃

8. BPT range: 40-95 ℃

9. Test box temperature range: up to 65 ℃

10. Humidity range (light cycle): 20-85%

11. Water tank capacity: 60L

12. Water flow rate (humidifier): approximately 0.12L/h

13. Water flow rate (spray device): about 0.7L/min

14. BST+CHT control system: automatic

15. Sample spray device: optional

16. With parameter checking and serial port

17. Touch screen control panel (220+)

18. Memory card interface (220+)

19. Ethernet interface+additional components

20. Size (length x width x height): 90 x 78 x 180cm

21. Weight: 280kg

22. Power supply: 230V ± 10%, 50/60HZ 16A


1. 1 host

2. 1 set of textile testing spare parts kit

3. 1 set of testing software (xenosoft&xeno touch)

Optional configuration:

1. XenoCal BB 300-400 300-400nm irradiance calibration transmission equipment

2. XenoCal BB 300-400 BST black standard irradiance calibration equipment

3. XenoCal BST Black Standard Temperature Calibration Equipment

4. Textile testing spare parts kit

5. XENOCHROME 320 for UV rear window glass testing filtration system at 320nm