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ATLAS Ci5000 xenon lamp aging testing machine

Author: Released in:2024-05-07 Click:16

ATLAS Ci5000 xenon lamp aging testing machine

ATLAS Ci5000 xenon lamp aging testing machine

Applicable scope:

The ATLAS Ci5000 xenon lamp aging testing machine has been recognized by numerous manufacturers in the automotive, plastic, paint coatings, ink, packaging, photovoltaic materials, as well as pigments, dyes, stabilizers, and additives industries. It is recognized as a device that accurately and repetitively predicts the lifespan of products. The Ci5000 series has obtained certifications from international standard organizations such as CE, UL, CAS, ISO, and EN.

Compliant with standards:

1. AATCC TM16-1998 Textiles - Color fastness to light

2. AATCC TM16-2004 Textile Color Fastness to Light

3. Climate resistance of AATCC TM169 textiles: xenon lamp irradiation

4. ASTM C1442 Practice for Testing Sealing Materials Using Artificial Weathering Meters

5. ASTM D2565 Standard Practice for Xenon Arc Exposure Devices for Outdoor Plastics

6. ASTM D3424 Evaluation Specification for Relative Light and Weather Resistance of Printed Materials

7. ASTM D4303 Standard Test Method for Photostability of Colorants Used in Artistic Materials

8. ASTM D4355 Standard Test Method for Aging of Geotextiles Exposed to Light, Moisture, and Heat in Xenon Lamp Equipment

9. ASTM D4459 Standard test method for exposure testing of indoor plastic xenon lamps

10. ASTM D4798 Standard Test Method for Accelerated Aging Test Conditions and Test Procedures of Asphalt Materials (Xenon Arc Method)

11. ASTM D5071 Exposure Procedure for Photodegradable Plastics in Xenon Arc Exposure Apparatus

12. ASTM D6551 Standard Test Method for Accelerated Aging of Pressure Sensitive Strip Using Xenon Lamp Exposure Device

13. ASTM D6695 Practice for Xenon Arc Exposure of Paints and Related Coatings

14. ASTM D904 Exposure Procedure for Adhesive Specimens under Artificial Light

15. ASTM E1596 Test Method for Solar Radiation Weathering of Photovoltaic Cell Simulators

16. ASTM G151 Practice for Exposure of Non metallic Materials in Accelerated Testing Devices Using Laboratory Light Sources

17. ASTM G155 Operating Procedures for Xenon Arc Lamp Equipment for Exposure of Non metallic Materials

18. Water cooled xenon arc lamp testing of FLTM BI160-01 automotive interior materials under controllable irradiation

19. GME60292 Test Method for Color Fastness Using Artificial Light

20. GMW14162 Resistance to Artificial Climate Aging

21. GMW 3414 Artificial Aging Test Method for Automotive Interior Materials

22. ISO 105-B02 Textiles - Color fastness tests - Part B02: Color fastness to sunlight: Xenon arc lamp test

23. ISO 105-B04 Textiles - Tests for Color Fastness - Part B04: Color Fastness to Climate: Xenon Arc Lamp Test

24. ISO 105-B06 Textiles - Tests for Color Fastness - Part B06: Color Fastness and Aging of Artificial Light at High Temperature: Xenon Arc Lamp Test

25. ISO 105-B10 Textiles - Tests for Color Fastness - Part B10: Artificial Climate Aging: Filtered Xenon Arc Radiation Exposure

26. ISO12040 Printing Technology - Prints and Oils - Evaluation of Light Fastness using Filter Xenon Arc Lamp

27. ISO3917 Road Vehicle Safety Glass Materials - Test Methods for Resistance to Radiation, High Temperature, Moisture, Combustion, and Simulated Climate

28. ISO4892-1 Plastics - Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources - Part 1: General principles

29. ISO4892-2 Plastics - Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources - Part 2: Xenon arc lamps

30. JASO M346 Automotive Interior Xenon Arc Lamp Illumination Test

31. MIL-STD810F Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Testing - Part 2: Laboratory Testing Methods -505.4: Solar Radiation (Sunlight)

32. MIL-STD810G Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Testing - Part 2: Laboratory Testing Methods -505.5: Solar Radiation (Sunlight)

33. PV 1303 Non metallic Material Automotive Internal Space Structural Parts Light Exposure Test

34. PV 3929 Dry hot climate test for non-metallic materials

35. SAE J2412 accelerates exposure of automotive interior decoration materials to sunlight using a controllable xenon arc tester

36. SAE J2527 Performance standard for accelerated irradiation of automotive external materials using a irradiated xenon arc device

37. VDA621-429 Test for Weathering Color Fastness of Automotive Coatings

38. VDA 621-430 Testing the Crack Resistance of Automotive Coatings

39. VDA 75202 Automotive Interior Materials - Xenon Arc Lamp Color Fastness Aging Test at High Temperature

40. VW PV 3930 Non metallic Materials - Weathering, Damp, Hot Climate Test

Product details:

1. The Ci5000 has made significant innovations in the engineering design of internal airflow, irradiation, and control systems, significantly reducing the variability of these key parameters in rigorous testing. The Ci5000 achieves uniformity in temperature, humidity, and exposure testing inside the box.

2. World brand in the field of photoaging, flagship product of Asia Pacific Las in the United States.

3. The global xenon lamp weathering light aging tester is a high achievement in laboratory artificial accelerated aging testing, with unparalleled recognition and authority.

4. Designated models from numerous global manufacturers of automobiles, coatings, textiles, polymer materials, and building materials, as well as authoritative research institutions. The sampling volume is large, and a full box can hold 110 standard samples, suitable for commercial inspection and research and development operation.

5. Meet all major global xenon lamp weathering test standards.

6. Can quickly and conveniently provide users with reproducible and accurate product aging resistance data.

7. New upgrade, smarter, more energy-efficient.

Product features:

1. Supporting 12000W high-power precision water-cooled xenon lamp tubes

2. Total exposure area: 11000 cm2 (1705 cm2)

3. Automatic rotating 3-layer sample holder

4. Large screen full color TFT display for automatic diagnostic information

5. Directly set and control irradiance at 340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm

6. Directly control the temperature inside the box and the temperature on the blackboard or/and black label

7. Directly setting and controlling relative humidity

8. Directly set and control the air temperature inside the test chamber

9. Display diagnostic information

10. Built in 14 major international standards

11. Supports custom programming for 12 customers

12. Multilingual display (Chinese, English, French, German, Western, Japanese, Korean)

13. USB data output interface

14. Smart Damper with built-in global patents? Automatic air supply speed regulation and intelligent air conditioning system

15. Smart Light with built-in global patents? Intelligent lighting monitoring system

16. Spray system on the back of the sample rack

17. Filter combination to meet all testing standards

18. Dust removal filter for intake pipe

19. CS-7 Xenon Lamp Cooling System

20. Automatic water quality monitoring and automatic alarm

21. Calibration reference xenon lamp

22. Observation window of the test chamber

23. Global universal power system, suitable for various frequencies, voltages, and electrical requirements

24. Electrical safety performance meets CE, UL, CSA, EN, and ISO standards

25. Automatic countdown function based on irradiation amount and time

26. The sample rack can accommodate various types of samples

27. VibraSonicTM humidification system

Technical parameters:

1. Light source: 12000W water-cooled xenon lamp

2. Service life (1 solar standard): 1200 hours

3. Filter: replaceable inner and outer filters

4. Irradiance control: Select single point automatic control for 340/420 or 300-400nm, with optional second point monitoring

5. Light monitoring: SmartLightTM monitor

6. Relative humidity control: automatic

7. Humidity range: Light cycle: 10-75% (temperature dependent), dark cycle: up to 100%

8. Temperature control: automatic

9. Blackboard or black label temperature: BPT 40-110 ℃/BST40-120 ℃

10. Simultaneously controlling BPT or BST and temperature inside the box: standard

11. BPT/BST dual control: optional

12. Sample holder type: 3 layers

13. Exposure test area: 11000cm2 (1705cm2)

14. Power supply: 440/480V, three-phase three wire, 50/60Hz, 60A 24KW; Or 340-415V, three-phase four wire, 50/60Hz, 63A 24KW

15. HVAC-MJ/h (BTU/h) (large): 64.22MJ/h (90870BTU/h, 800CFM)

16. Compressed air: 0.11m3/min (4CFM), @ 552kPa, (80psi)

17. Water flow rate:

(1) Pressure: 138-344kPa (20-30psi)

(2) Humidification: Deionized water 0.2L/min

(3) Sample spray: deionized water 0.2L/min

(4) Sample rack spray: deionized water 0.2L/min

(5) Xenon lamp tube cooling @ 6000W: deionized water 1.9L/min

18. Dimensions (L x W x H): 160 x 127 x 198cm

19. Base: 212x 193cm (including storage area)

20. Weight: 943kg (2080lb)

Standard configuration:

1. 1 host

2. 4000 hour spare parts kit (2 xenon lamps, 2 external filters, 10 external filters, etc.)

3. 1 standard calibration lamp tube

4. 1 set of blue standards (meeting AATCC ISO and other standards)

5. 1 set of 3-layer rotatable lantern holder

Optional attachments:

1. BPT/BST dual control: optional

2. Irradiance control: Select single point automatic control for 340/420nm or 300-400nm, with optional second point monitoring

3. Refrigeration coil installed in the air duct (excluding necessary refrigeration devices)

4. S3T specific specimen surface temperature system

5. WXView (Climate Observation) Data Acquisition System

6. LiquiAirTM - LiquiAir Xenon Lamp Cooling System

7. XenoCal irradiance calibration device for sample surface independent irradiance calibration and measurement

8. Unique custom sample holder design enables high radiation simulation (Ci5000 HE).

9. Auxiliary lantern frames that meet special testing requirements

10. Caster (6-pin) includes adapter and installation instructions

11. LS-200 full spectrum monitoring equipment

12. Stretching legs (6 feet: lifting device 15cm)

13. Environmental Air Conditioning Unit (ACU)

14. Pure water system

15. Ice water system

16. Air compression system