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AT7200 stick type non-contact examination type alcohol detector manufacturer

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:114

AT7200 stick-type alcohol detector for non-contact screening Manufacturer: AT7200 stick-type alcohol detector for rapid screening and extraction. The function of the instrument uses the first-class electrochemical alcohol sensor, which can accurately measure the alcohol content in the exhaled breath and has strong anti-drying ability; it has the characteristics of preheating, short testing time and sensitive response. The AT7200's simple keyboard, menu operation and human-computer interaction make operation more concise and convenient; the color LCD screen makes the interface more beautiful and clear; the high-brightness lamp and lighting indicator make it more convenient to use; , to ensure the health and safety of the test taker

AT7200 stick non-stick Contact screening type alcohol detector manufacturer technical indicators:

Product model


Sensor type

Fast discharge mode: electrochemical alcohol sensor


Measuring range


Fast discharge mode: 0~ 220mg/100ml (0~1,000mg/L)

Warm-up time

15 S

Response time

less than 1 second

Sampling method


Fast exhaust mode: air pump pumping, active continuous pumping

Continuous working time

Number one hundred times - two thousand times (related to battery power)

Mainframe dimensions

L×W×H, mm: 293×41.3×40 .7

Mainframe weight

Approximately 600g (with 1 battery)

Calibration cycle

180 days

Sensor lifespan

Two years