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Application to food and beverage industry in UV aging test chamber

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:93

The UV aging test chamber can accurately simulate ultraviolet light in the spectrum of sunlight. Ultraviolet light is usually the cause of the failure of food colors, flavors and flavors in foods and beverages. Compared with the xenon lamp aging test chamber, the ultraviolet aging test chamber can complete testing faster. The sample holder is the same as the xenon lamp aging test chamber and can place containers of various specifications. Qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. can act as an agent. Welcome to ask customers to inquire in time.

The ultraviolet aging test chamber adopts ultraviolet fluorescent lamps which simulate the UV spectrum of sunlight, combined with temperature control and humidity supply devices to performclimate change tests on materials to assess the weather resistance of materials.

Applicable standards:

ASTMD4329, ASTMD4587, ASTMD4799, ASTMD5208, ASTMG151, ASTMG154, EN927-6, EN1297, EN1898FIBC, EN12224,EN13523-10, ISO4892-1, ISO4892-3 , ISO11507, ISO11895, ISO11997-2, SAEJ2020, prEN1062-4

Main parameters:

1. Eight 40-watt ultraviolet fluorescent lamps;

2. Irradiance uniformity: covering 4% of the entire sample surface;

3. Irradiance: low: 0.35 W/m2 (UVA, UVB); high: 1.55W/m2 (UVA), 1.23W/m2 (UVB);

4. Ultraviolet wavelength: 290nm~400nm;

5. Test time: 0~9990H adjustable. ;

6. Blackboard temperature range: UV stage - BPT35-80°C (95-176°F); Condensation Stage – BPT35-60°C (95-140°F);

7. Sample Capacity: 48+BPT on 24 sample clips;

8. Spray water pressure: 25 -40 psi (1.7-2.7 bar), Purity: less than 1 ppm dissolved solids, Silicon: less than 0.1 ppm, Conductivity: less than 5 us/cm or 200 kohms;

9. Condensate water requirements: Pressure: 2-60psi (0.1-4.1bra); Purity: Deionized water is recommended, but not required.

UV Aging Test Chamber can help customers accurately replicate a variety of potential aging modes, including:

1. Discoloration and fading;

2. Deterioration of sour and other tastes;

3. Loss of protective properties of packaging materials.

Food and Beverage Light Stability Test Items:

1. Product Labeling: Photostability of product labels is an important requirement in food and beverage industry;

2. Food coloring: Food coloring is usually an expensive ingredient in thes beverage formulations, which optimizes food. The use of pigments can increase profitability;

3. Product storage methods: Products are not always displayed indoors during sale, many manufacturers also test their products outdoors ;

4. Color: Color is an important factor in distinguishing many beverages, and discoloration will lead to errors in consumer perception of products.