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Application of surface metallized fabric

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:148

Surface metallized fabric not only has the inherent good wearability of the
fabric itself, but also has good electrical conductivity and antibacterial
properties, so that it can be made into shielding clothing, shielding tents and
shielding room materials , etc. It is widely used as a new type of functional
material to protect personal and information security. Due to the high cost of
chemically silver-plated fabrics and the poor adhesion between the silver-plated
layer and base materials, the performance of chemically silver-plated fabrics is
greatly affected. Electroless silvering was performed on polyester fabrics under
ultrasonically assisted conditions, and the influence of ultrasonic frequency
and force on chemical silvering was studied; nanometer Al2O3, Fe3O4, TiO2
particles chemical composite silvering on polyester fabrics, various dispersants
and various additions of nanoparticlejes Effects of , surface resistance,
abrasion resistance of electroless silver-plated fabric on electromagnetic
shielding. The surface morphology of the coating was observed by a scanning
electron microscope, the structural analysis of the chemically silver-plated
fabric was performed by an X-ray diffractometer, and the coating composition and
thermal properties of the fabric were analyzed by an X-ray energy spectrometer
and a thermogravimetric analyzer. The results show that:

(1) When glucose is the reducing agent, the coating layer The surface coating
is uniform, the grain size is the smallest, and the abrasion resistance and
adhesion resistance of the silver-plated fabric are the best. When formaldehyde
is the reducing agent, the plating rate of the fabric is the highest, and the
wear resistance is relatively poor.

(2) The effect of ultrasonic frequency and force on electroless silver
plating on polyestertissues was studied. Ultrasonic chemical silver plated
fabric has uniform and dense coating surface than conventional silver plated
fabric, improving the electromagnetic shielding efficiency of the fabric and
reducing the surface resistance. Excessive ultrasonic frequency and power are
not conducive to chemically silver-plated fabrics. The surface of the coating
becomes rough, and even local blank areas appear, and the grain size increases,
resulting in a decrease in wear resistance. Electroless silver plating is best
when the ultrasonic frequency is 28KHz and the power is 100W.

(3) In nano-Al2O3 chemical composite silver plating, the surface of the
coating is rough when PVP+SA is dispersed, and the wear resistance and adhesion
resistance of the fabric are improved. In nano-Fe3O4 chemical composite silver
plating, the plating speed is fastest when STPP&T80 is dispersed, and the
plating speed gradually increases witht the increase of addition of nano-Fe3O4.
When PEG is dispersed, the coating surface particles are fine and uniform. In
nano-TiO2 chemical composite silver plating, when the amount of nano-TiO2 is too
large, the stability of the plating solution will deteriorate, resulting in poor
adhesion between the coating and the substrate. Nano-TiO2 chemical composite
silver-plated substance can accelerate the decomposition of methylene orange

(4) The thermogravimetric test results of electroless silver-plated fabrics
and nanoparticle electroless composite-plated fabrics show that compared to
polyester fabrics, the thermal decomposition temperature is increased and the
thermal stability is improved. The addition of nanoparticles has no obvious
effect on the coating structure. A certain amount of nanoparticles in the
coating can play the role of dispersion enhancement, the coating structure is
more compact, which makes the electromagnetic deflectionscreening performance of
the silver-plated fabric is improved, and the abrasion resistance of the fabric
is also improved.