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Application of soil core hydrometer

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:113

Non-nuclear density meter is a general term for various detection instruments that do not use isotopic radioactive sources to detect the density of geotechnical materials compared to nuclear density meter.

High frequency radio waves are used to measure the dielectric properties and density of compacted soil. Essentially, high frequency electromagnetic waves and gamma rays have the same principle of measurement;

It\'s just that it\'s safer to use high frequency electromagnetic waves. When the electromagnetic waves pass through the ground, due to the difference in the degree of soil compaction, the waveform of the electromagnetic waves will be affected even more;

That is, say when the wave passes through the ground, its own phase and amplitude will be affected accordingly;

Next, we compare the attenuation parameters of the ground module standard, then the wet density and moisture content of the soil tested sample can be calculated.

Digital Frequency Synthesis (DDS) technology is used to ensure high-precision wireless frequency, and then the electromagnetic wave parameters between the steel nails inserted into the ground are measured point to point to obtain the measurement results;

The specific measurement principle is to measure the dielectric properties and density of the soil material compacted by radio frequency between the electrodes, and compare the dielectric properties measured with the \"ground module\".

Mathematically calculates wet/dry density, moisture content and percent compaction. The included temperature probe also increases measurement reliability.