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Application of Raycom Power Operation and Maintenance Cloud Platform

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:105

Basic info:

Project name: Power Monitoring and Operation and Maintenance System of Raycom Information Center
Project location: Beijing
Deployment time:

Project introduction:

This project is Rongke Consulting's renovation project of the power distribution room of three office buildings, for better management and labor cost saving intelligent transformation of the power distribution room. The project is divided into three power distribution rooms A/B/C. Each power distribution room is replaced with a multi-function instrument and an environmental monitoring module is installed Each power distribution room is placed with a collection The collection box is installed and used by three industrial gateways to monitor electrical parametersof field instruments, switching values ​​and environmental module information.

Features implemented by the system:

1) show General information such as user voltage level, number transformers, power, environmental parameters, alarm information, power consumption, etc. can be switched by the user to be viewed through the map.
2) Real-time reflection of changes in electrical parameters, including telemetrie, telesignaling and other information (The external signaling signal requires the circuit breaker to provide auxiliary contact support.) Normal information is updated every 5 minutes and abnormal mutation information is uploaded in real time.
3) It can monitor electrical parameters of equipment such as transformers, power curve, temperature and other information.
4) You can check the waveform trend of electrical parameters such as loop current, voltage, active/reactive power, frequency, power factor, etc.
5) You can view the three-phase current and voltage of the circuit ABC, each harmonic distortion rate, and the total degree of harmonic distortion.
6) It can automatically generate daily, monthly and yearly data reports and can view energy consumption statistics for 24 hours, 31 days or 12 months.
7) Can monitor ambient temperature, humidity, water immersion signal, smoke signal and other information
8) Monitor the communication status of access system devices.